Uggs provide Ahhhhhs

December 21, 2008

When I first moved to California I despised the look that had burst onto the scene that combined mini denim skirts with Uggs. Being from Chicago, I had never seen something so ridiculous.

I eventually came to own my own pair of the fuzzy boots, but trust me- they will never, ever be paired with a skirt. Their other uses are so much better, in my mind. Late night runs to the corner store? Uggs accompany me. Working on the weekend in a coffee shop? Uggs accompany me. After a day of skiing in Beaver Creek? Uggs warm my feet. Traveling between San Francisco & Chicago? Uggs stay on my feet the whole time.

What my mother had declared a trend, however, is still going strong. And goodness are they comfortable and reliable. The brand itself has exploded (albeit, there are some designs I think the shoe world could do without), but for a girl that wears heels nearly every day, Uggs are solace and Uggs are pure, comfortable bliss.

You may remember when you set out for your own pair, they were often sold out leading up to the winter and holiday time periods. And, despite what most consumers thought, this strategy was no supply glitch, rather a carefully planned and executed distribution strategy.

As the brand continues with its new and loyal customers, if you don’t already have a pair (or two), I highly recommend getting your own ASAP. Trust me, your WIT shoe collection isn’t complete without them.

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  1. bianca says:

    I remember when I moved to CA for college from Chicago and all the girl were wearing uggs with mini skirts. It drove me CRAZY! But you’re right, they do serve a very important purpose

  2. High-heel gal says:

    I used to think UGGS were the ugliest thing invented. But, they’re warm and actually look cute with jeans. This year I bought a fake pair (can’t afford the real deal, but maybe someday!)

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