Unique Gifts & White Elephant Exchange Ideas

November 23, 2019

Affordable Unique Gifts I wit & whimsy

Best White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas I wit & whimsy

Every year I spend hours and hours scouring the internet to try and find unique and thoughtful gifts for my gift guides that you won’t see elsewhere from other blogs or sites you may follow. I hope you’ll find some good ideas and “wow, that’s so cool” gifts and today’s gift guide is dedicated to really unique gifts and gifts that are perfect for white elephant exchanges you may be doing with co-workers or friends this time of year. Do let me know if anything stands out to you! And a friendly reminder that I am continuing to add loads more gift ideas here, too!

  1. Indoor Self Watering Garden: A handy way to bring herbs to life without an actual garden.
  2. Personalized Children’s Book: A sweet and personal gift for your favorite little ones.
  3. Smartphone Sanitizer: For your favorite germaphobe.
  4. Succulent: For your favorite green thumb.
  5. Acrylic Jenga: Fancy Jenga? Sign me up!
  6. Portable Photo Printer: For the Ansel Adams you know.
  7. Homesick Scented Candle: Gift the gift of the scent of home or a special place.
  8. Paris, Perfected: A personalized trip service for your gift recipient’s next trip to Paris.
  9. ZZZ Plant: A chic plant for even the novices among us. I love this brand’s chic planters, too!
  10. Wine Cooler: A chic wine cooler for entertaining.
  11. Wine Preserver: File this under brilliant ideas. Keeps wine fresh for up to 7 days!
  12. BoxFox: A customized gift perfect for whoever is on the receiving end.
  13. Custom Foil Map: To remember a favorite place. I have one of these for New York and I absolutely love it.
  14. Personalized Family Recipe Board: File this under one of my favorite gifts I found thus far! Such a sentimental way to capture special family memories involving food.
  15. Foam Roller:  For the workout aficionado. (I have one of these and love it!)
  16. Digital Detox Kit: A cute kit designed to help you power off to power up.
  17. 100 Things to Do Scratch Off Poster: For the go-getter.
  18. Bluetooth Shower Speaker: To upgrade anyone’s shower routine.
  19. Airpods Case: Lessen the chances of loss.
  20. Zodiac Journal: For the astrology obsessed.
  21. Massage Candle: Part candle. Part massage balm.
  22. Reusable Coffee Mug: Making eco-friendly cute.
  23. Buzzed Card Game: For your next girls’ night in.
  24. Bananagrams: One of my family’s favorites.
  25. Warming Slippers: Heavenly for the homebody.
  26. Unusual Wines Book: For your favorite wine connoisseur.

p.s. gifts for the Francophile and everything on my wish list for Santa.

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