We should have majored in Anthropologie..

May 10, 2009

CoreyLynnCalterCarandayDressOK not seriously, but Anthropologie will always be one of our favorites. Every time we pass one, it has an irresistible pull and as hard as we try, we always find ourselves wandering through the cute housewares or picking up dress after dress to try on. The store is worth spending some time in because there is always something new, especially the sale racks as they typically have lots of cute stuff for half the price. This weekend alone we found three cute tops to add to our closet for under $100. Awesome deal and a welcome addition to our spring wardrobe.

What’s also great about Anthropologie is the Anthro card. It tracks your purchases so if you decide you want to return something, you don’t need the receipt to do so. We’ve also had prices adjusted in the past, so be sure to ask if you see a recent purchase on the sale rack!

You can link your Anthro card number to your account online and receive free shipping through September 7 as part of their “Enjoy the Summer Off” program. Also, soon those with the Anthro card will be able to preview and shop their newest collections before they hit the stores – pretty cool perk if you ask us!

Signing up is easily done in the store and doesn’t require you to link a credit card or any other personal information to us. Just a simple way to track your purchases.

We can’t wait to fill our new apartment with decor from Anthro!

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photo courtesy of Anthropologie

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  1. lovely20s says:

    yes! i recently rediscovered anthropologie – perfect for the summer, especially this season

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