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December 9, 2017


This week was insane! By Wednesday I felt like it should be Friday. I felt like I was racing against the clock most days to get everything I needed to get done, done. But this weekend I’m glad to have friends and family in town and hoping to minimize work and maximize time spent with them doing festive activities.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and thanks so much for checking out this week’s roundup!


  • Had the loveliest time at Grace’s for a beautiful dinner party. You can see all the photos + a cute video she put together here!
  • Took Wednesday off to head uptown to get in the spirit. New York really is so wonderful this time of year!
  • My brother who lives primarily in Eastern Africa arrived and it’s been the best having him in town! We had a family dinner with my other brother, his girlfriend & my godmother on Wednesday and last night went to my brother Sean’s annual Christmas party.
  • Got to catch up with Hitha and Merritt over dinner.


  • I loved reading these royal family rules!
  • New York Times’ profiles of New Yorkers like this are always some of my favorites. The final words are so spot-on…“Sometimes what somebody tells you, it will make you feel better than giving you a million dollars,” Mr. Allen said. “A million dollars might take care of something, but a word of encouragement can console more than material things.”
  • Have you ever taken a personal day?
  • I love Taylor’s jacket in this post.
  • Travel hacks from one of the founders of AWAY luggage.
  • Mackenzie’s honeymoon looks like an utter dream.
  • Loved Will’s dinner party set up here.
  • I always love reading about the behind the scenes of perfume creation.



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  1. grace says:

    Thanks for including me! (And for coming to dinner!) XO

  2. Yana says:

    Love West Elm! The party set up looks gorgeous!

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