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January 5, 2018

Dark Neutrals I wit & whimsy

Despite it being a short week it still felt like a long one to me but here it is Friday and New York is blanketed in snow! I kind of love big snow days. People tend to clear their calendars and as a result I ended up with a blank slate of a day where I was SO productive! I ticked a lot of work deadlines off my list, began organizing all my business expenses in preparation for tax season and made some delicious veggie-centric meals (#goals). Better yet about this week? Those of you who reached out / commented following this post really lifted my spirits. I appreciate the ideas and reinforcement you guys shared and am excited to begin to put some new things into place. More to come :). In the meantime, thank you guys for being so great and I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend!


  • Began implementing my goals! Cooked at home a lot, worked out and did some organizing. It felt so good!
  • Went to Shape House which recently opened in Manhattan! I had been to one of their LA locations and really liked the unique experience. You basically sit in a cocoon for 55 minutes watching TV (away from your phone which is like a slice of heaven!) and you sweat out toxins. I have to say you guys, I felt SO much lighter afterwards. I also stayed up till midnight working because I had so much energy LOL.
  • Began culling together recent questions I’ve been getting for my next Q&A! Do you have a question you’d like me to answer? Or need me to help you find something on the interwebs (a book recommendation? An outfit for an upcoming event? An exfoliator? You name it!)? Send ’em my way on Instagram, in Comments or via email: meghan [@] witwhimsy.com.


  • I thought these tips/notions about being a freelancer were rather spot on.
  • 2018 fashion trend predictions.
  • This tonic sounds like just what I need this time of year.
  • I’m making attempts to change up my breakfasts this year so have been experimenting with overnight oats. I found this guide very helpful!
  • Remember in last week’s roundup when I shared I had just finished the (heartbreakingly beautiful) book The Bright Hour? Well I also have read When Breath Becomes Air and a reader (Thanks, Colleen!!) just shared with me this article this week. Commence all the tears. God really does always have plans we can’t understand.
  • The Strand is such a gem of New York City. It was a delight to read about a bit of its history (albeit sadly in conjunction with the news of the owner’s passing.) If you come to New York, don’t miss this jewel.
  • Some tips for having a healthier 2018.
  • Loved Blair’s winter weather outfit inspiration.
  • I’m a pro at spending time alone (and really like to travel alone on at least one trip a year!) but I know not everyone is programmed that way. (I’ve even had a few of you email me asking about traveling solo and if I feel weird eating alone, etc.!) Therefore I wanted to share this article on how to get better about spending time solo.
  • I love basically everything Amy wears and our style is very similar but it’s reminding me that I don’t capture my similar outfits on the blog much.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi. I think you have a misdirected link for the article in your item about The Bright Hour.

  2. caitie says:

    you’re totally tempting me with those gap jeans! love the washed black pair. happy friday!

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