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February 9, 2018

Cozy + Casual

This week completely flew by! Partially because I was squeezing in five work days to four (I’m off to Charleston this morning!) and partially because I surprised myself with how productive I was. After I come back from long trips I try really hard to preserve a day or two on my calendar with minimal meetings so I can really get through my to do list and it made all the difference this week. I’m excited to be heading out of town for a quick trip particularly as it is my first time going to Charleston. I plan to eat all the things!

This week’s round up is a big one – hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful weekend!


  • Finally caught up on my favorite podcast: How I Built This. The episodes leave me so in awe and really energized. (Wrote about it in this post, too).
  • Caught up with Rebecca while she was in town from Chicago. We had to do it at a French spot, of course. (I’m in LOVE with this new spot!)
  • Had an impromptu burger night with two of my girlfriends in our neighborhood.
  • Added a new member to my team!
  • Went to a friend’s farewell party. I hate seeing friends leave New York and it seems to happen more and more of late!
  • Popped by to see my friends at Dr. Brandt at a press preview they were having. (I’ve been using this mask on the reg!)


  • If you have trouble sleeping, these tips from experts may help.
  • I was moved by Grace sharing Krista’s experience with body confidence. It’s so true that we all go through the self-doubt and self-shaming at times in life but I love hearing about ways to improve your outlook. I don’t love how my body looks a lot of days but I have come around to be grateful for all it does and all it allows me to accomplish. I also know that if there’s something that’s really bothering me, I need to set aside time to work at improving it. There’s power in understanding your strength!
  • How successful women spend their first hour at work.
  • Joanna Gaines’ meal prep tips.
  • One of my favorite beauty writers started a new site, Rutine Matters, dedicated to the beauty routines of professionals and I am so excited about it! (Anyone else totally fascinated by people’s skincare routines!?)
  • Is anyone planning to tune into the Opening Ceremonies tonight?! I will definitely have my eye on these gals over the next couple weeks. I’m also loving this round up of figure skating fashion from over the years. After seeing I, Tonya recently, I’m looking forward to watching some of the skating competitions.
  • Adding all of these hotels to my bucket list (because really, could there be too much hygge in your life?).



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  1. grace says:

    Thanks for linking to Krista’s post – have a great weekend!!!

  2. caitie says:

    the figure skating fashion article totally made my week! i love the olympics and can’t wait to watch some figure skating. have a great weekend!

  3. JS says:

    can you tell me what jeans those are?? Love them!

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