Weekly Roundup

February 16, 2018

What a week. I think my body was recovering all week from all the indulgences in Charleston and by Tuesday I felt so run down. It’s rare these days that I feel blah or overly tired but I truly felt so exhausted and so icky all week. I’m so glad to have a weekend with no plans ahead and am also hoping I can allow myself to take a few hours off on Monday, too! (I was considering going to see Phantom Thread – anyone seen it? Worth seeing in the theatre?)

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Have a wonderful weekend & I’ll see you back here on Tuesday!


  • Stayed up way too late finishing reading The Nightingale. It was so gut-wrenching at parts (truly I cannot imagine living through World War II – it is a haunting part of history) but I really thought it was a lovely read. It is about two sisters’ attempts to fight for France in their own ways during the war and by the end I was in full tears. A beautiful yet heartbreaking read. I’ll need to read something uplifting after that!
  • Had another great meal at Lilia with a dear friend.
  • Did an Instagram try on session. The pieces I tried on can all be found here – there were a lot of winners (too many – ha!) Do you guys like watching these sorts of things on Instagram?
  • Started my membership at The Wing. I worked out of there yesterday and it feels so inspiring to have new spaces to get things done in.



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  1. I saw Phantom Thread a couple of weeks ago. I have mixed feelings on it. If you’re a big Daniel Day Lewis fan, I highly recommend seeing it as this is supposedly his very last role before he retires. His acting is amazing. Also worthy of seeing: the fashion (obvs). It is also fairly entertaining and confounding.
    On the downside….the movie, itself, is a little bizarre. I certainly won’t spoil it for you, but I would pay good money to have seen the look(s) on my face near the end of the movie. Let’s just say it’s a ‘think piece.’

    Have a great weekend!

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