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March 2, 2018

What a whirlwind this week was! I’m starting to get into the groove of a somewhat modified schedule of staying in Brooklyn Mondays and Fridays and spending Tuesday-Thursday working in the city. I am making The Wing my homebase on Wednesdays (spotted Jessica Biel there this week!) and loving the energy I get from the space (as cliche as it sounds it is the best way to describe it!) This weekend I’m excited to be hosting a little Oscars viewing party, spending Saturday in DUMBO with some girlfriends and hopefully a little down time, too.

I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup & have a great weekend!


  • Got to catch up IRL with my BFF! She was in town for less than 30 hours and we were able to squeeze in dinner and I got to show her my neighborhood and apartment and it was the best.
  • Took two pilates reformers classes on back to back days and omg was I sore following! I’ve become rather obsessed with these classes as the stretching and targeted work hurts so good. Have you guys tried reformer classes?
  • I was moved by the comments on this Instagram I posted earlier this week. It’s not often I open up about how I feel about my body but I woke up Tuesday morning and the words just started flowing. Our relationships with our bodies can be so fragile and I finally am in a place where I am more grateful than unhappy about my body…it feels empowering.
  • Began to put the finishing touches on my new newsletters! (Sign up here for new posts into your inbox if you haven’t already!)


  • I laughed out loud at this as anyone that knows me knows this is basically one of my all time favorite combinations.
  • This is such a handy guide if you’re less familiar with skincare ingredients and how to use them.
  • Merrit’s bedroom looks so beautiful! Love the color scheme.
  • It sometimes feels like busyness is type of currency, especially in a city like NYC where there is so much happening. There is pressure to have a lot of new and exciting things always going on. I loved Jess’ take on the difference between settling and feeling satisfied (and why being satisfied isn’t a bad thing!).
  • My dad sent me this list of the best croissants in America. He knows me so well!



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