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May 4, 2018

This week was a busy but fulfilling one! The busy-ness will actually continue today & into the weekend as well. I’m headed today to an event with Quickbooks and Dell which I’m excited for as it is all about small businesses and growing your company! Then tonight I’m going to a dinner hosted by Create & Cultivate in advance of their Beauty Summit on Saturday which I’m also going to be swinging by. And Saturday night I’m doing a cooking class with my brother! So all in all a busy but fun weekend ahead. I also have a long list of errands I need to accomplish so Sunday I’ll be running around.

Do you guys have fun plans this weekend? I hope you do! Enjoy this week’s roundup (it is particularly robust!) and I’ll see you back here next week! xx


  • Took the day off yesterday largely! I ended up working much of the evening but yesterday during the day I left my computer at home and it was just what I needed. I took myself to an early breakfast in the West Village (at one of my favorites: Buvette), walked around the village for an hour and a half, called a long distance friend and caught up, took a Pilates class and then visited a friend who recently had a baby. It was a day that really rejuvenated me after too many weeks of overcommitting myself.
  • Finally got my act together and sent out my first monthly recap newsletter! (For those of you who got it … feedback!?)
  • Indulged in cocktails and guac and queso at Mexicue. 85 degrees calls for cocktails, right?
  • Finally got a much needed cut + color. (It had been four months…eek!) (This is my colorist in case any one is interested! I love her.)
  • Had Sunday brunch at Cecconi’s. The space is BEAUTIFUL and you can’t beat their waterfront location.
  • Attended a trivia night at The Wing (and proceeded to learn that Mariah Carey’s nickname in high school was MIRAGE because she was never there…hahahaha!)
  • Went to Chillhouse for the first time. I loved the space but was underwhelmed by the expensive manicure.




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