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January 11, 2019

Woah, what a week. The first full week of the new year is always a doozy, isn’t it? My week was packed with meetings, conference calls, getting back to working out and seeing friends for fun plans. Each day brought an early morning and a late night. It was a lot but felt nice to be back in the groove. Needless to say, I’m super ready for the weekend!

I hope you guys have a wonderful one & I’ll see you back here on Monday!


  • I built out an Amazon-specific shop! You can find it as a subcategory of The Shop here on wit & whimsy or directly on Amazon.com here.  I had so much fun building this out. All the items featured are things I own, use and love. (It also includes a bunch of books I’ve really enjoyed reading in the past year or so.)
  • Made some other tweaks to the site, too. I updated the banner items (scroll through for all the new posts featured) and also made the main navigational menu a bit more functional. (Side note: I’ve been blogging 12 years now and I still get so proud of myself when I figure out how to do backend things without asking my dev team!)
  • Per my 2019 goals, I signed up for a wine shipment! I am testing out Winc. If you want to try them out, too you can get $22 off your first 4 bottles of wine using this link. Not bad for all the Winter nights we have ahead of us, ha!
  • Binged Bodyguard on Netflix. It was SO good you guys! The perfect thriller.
  • Re-started the BBG workout program. Woof. I was so sore following the workouts as I hadn’t done any working out except yoga since pretty much mid-November! My full review of BBG 1.0 is going live next week – stay tuned! Before + After photos will be included.
  • Saw Mean Girls on Broadway and it was so good! Really funny + witty and well done. Highly recommend it!
  • Started speaking to New York Cares about a group volunteering outing! If you missed it on Instagram, a reader asked if I’d consider doing this and then over 100 of you voted that you’d want to join! I’ll keep you guys posted as it comes together but I’m so excited about the prospect of it!




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  1. Libby says:

    I love what is in your Amazon shop!! The first that caught my eye was When Breath Becomes Air, and definitely welled up because that book is so sad, but so incredibly insightful!! Love that you’ve read it!!


    xoxo Libby

  2. Jackie says:

    Thanks for including me Meghan! I also liked that piece about wealth and skincare, it definitely made some interesting points and it would be refreshing if celebs were a little more upfront about what goes into their routines. Hope you have a great and restful weekend!

  3. Leann says:

    thanks a lot for the spots of solo female travelers!

    I’ve had a break-up recently and I think it’s gonna be good to spend time with myself again..



    • Meghan says:

      So sorry to hear about your breakup but glad you’re prioritizing self care and looking to take a trip for yourself! I’ve done quite a bit of solo travel so if I can be of further help don’t hesitate to reach out!

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