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June 5, 2020

Give a Damn I Cleo Wade

I spent a lot of this week feeling anxious, upset, overwhelmed and sad. I wasn’t my most productive self but I also was answering a calling to inform and educate on our current climate. I consumed a lot of content about it and it is where I prioritized my time this week. Nothing else seemed to matter as much as doing that. And when I started doing other tasks, the non-stop soundtrack of helicopters in New York City brought me back to doing this important work of informing.

I chose to put a pause on all my owned content here on wit & whimsy and on my Instagram with the hopes that it allowed for more time and attention to more important voices during this time. While I lost revenue from not posting and I lost followers for sharing information regarding racial injustice – it was worth it.

I was, however, remiss last Friday to not have any resources or information related to the civil unrest and outrage around the recent murders of Black people. In today’s weekly roundup you will find a special section with a variety of links that I have found helpful, impactful and informative. I hope you’ll click on each and I hope you’ll join me in being more vocal about these important issues. I am committed to continuing to prioritize this.

My next monthly newsletter goes out tomorrow – sign up here to get on the list. I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup and have a good + safe weekend.


  • Raised over $400 with my Instagram followers for The Bail Project and The ACLU. I plan to continue to use my voice + platform to raise money for causes in need.
  • Used this week to continue absorbing important content. I read. I watched. And I listened. I shared posts I personally found helpful. I continued my commitment to doing the work to better inform myself about racial injustice.
  • Finished Jessica Simpson’s memoir Open Book on audiobook via Libro.fm and was so entertained by it. I love that she reads the book and truly – what a life she has had!  If you’re curious to try Libro.fm, use this link to sign up and you’ll get 3 audiobooks for the price of 1 when you sign up for a membership that you can cancel at any time. I also read and finished A Year in Provence.
  • Did a virtual skincare consultation with Caudalie and learned so much. I know a lot about skincare already and as you all know I use a lot of their products already but Mélissa taught me some great techniques and recommended products for me as the seasons change. After I posted about the consultations a few weeks back one of my best friends did it and had the best experience so I figured what did I have to lose!? The brand is offering them free of charge so it is definitely worth the 30 minutes especially as we all have a bit more time to hone our skincare routines at this time. If you end up doing one let me know!





[Image and words via Cleo Wade]

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