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September 2, 2016

Sporty Style I

Happy long weekend, all! I hope you have loads of fun plans ahead of you. I leave Sunday for Ireland! You can follow along on Instagram and Snapchat where I’ll be sharing my trip if you’re interested. I’m starting in Dublin and then taking a road trip West and then South. I am so excited!

I have a few posts scheduled for the time where I’ll be traveling so be sure to pop back in for those, too. I hope you have a great weekend! xx


  • Had such an amazing experience on an #EmptyMet tour with Jess. A lot asked if you could do this and yes, you can!
  • Worked a lot in preparation for heading out of town on Sunday!
  • Caught up with two friends who were in town from San Francisco. (One of my favorite parts of living in NYC is how many people I get to see because they come out on work trips!)
  • Tried out VOGUE’s new VIP membership! (Hint: Not only do you get a year of membership to VOGUE you also get a Clare V clutch when you sign up!)


  • My friend Blair just released a collection of nail polishes and I love the colors she chose!
  • Daphne’s style is so sweet and she always has the best backdrops for her outfits.
  • My friend Grace has one of my favorite blogs and this week she did a Q&A! She is always a source of inspiration for me and I love her honest, authentic approach to everything she does. I particularly love what she wrote about working as a full time blogger and her advice on professional etiquette.
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren this week and can’t recommend following her on Insta enough #wanderlust. Also met Cambria whose page is equally as beautiful!
  • I’ve been a little pin happy over on my Fall / Winter outfit inspo board. Are you following along?



[Bekka Palmer Photography from this post.]

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  1. So cool that you’re going to Ireland!! I’ve been wanting to go forever, will be living vicariously through you (and hopefully going next year). Can’t wait to see all of your pictures on Insta…have a great weekend!

  2. Annie Reeves says:

    Oh man I cannot wait to follow along with your Ireland trip! Amazing!!

  3. You’re right, it is too early for scarves but that one is really cute!!

  4. Grace says:

    Thanks for linking to my post my dear!! Have an amazing time in Ireland! Xoxo

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