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March 3, 2017

Tucked In

This week flew by and frankly it wasn’t even that busy! I had a lot of work to do for my consulting business which kept me at my desk for most of each day this week but it felt nice to get back into my routine after a long hiatus.

This week’s roundup is a hefty one – I hope you enjoy it & have a great weekend!


  • Spent time with Grace’s book recommendations. Admittedly I missed my goal of a book per month this year in February – womp. That being said I read a great quick read this week and feel back in the habit! I can’t wait to pick my next book now. I earmarked so many that Grace has read!
  • Finally got back into my workout routine! I only got in two workouts during my two weeks in California so this week was a painful return to say the least – ha! I did two barre classes and two spin classes and let’s just say…I’m still feeling it.
  • Got a peek at Aerin’s newest rose colognes at their beautiful showroom! I loved all three and seriously couldn’t pick a favorite but was lucky enough to take this one home which smells so divine.
  • Bought these jeans. I mentioned last week how I’d been hearing such good things about the Topshop jeans so I bit the bullet and am SO glad I did. They arrived last night and I promptly put them on and wore them out for the evening. I am mildly obsessed with the high waist (but not obnoxiously high waist) and the ankle-length crop that is perfect for wearing them with ankle booties (like you may have seen on my Snapchat last night) or flats. I did find the sizing SO confusing though when trying to order so I ended up chatting with Nordstrom customer service and they recommended the 30 x 30 size for me which turned out fitting perfectly! (I am usually a size 28 in jeans in case that’s helpful for you!)
  • I added a page to The Shop for products I showcase & talk about on both Snapchat and Instagram Stories (@meghandono on both). Now if you see me mention a product on either of those channels (such as the aforementioned Topshop jeans) head HERE and find a link should you be interested in getting it!



  • I feel like this is going to be the J.Crew dress every girl has come Spring, right!? Also this one! Stripes and sleeve bows? #SOLD!
  • This dress is a great price and would be such a good go-to in the summer for work.
  • LOFT launched swim! Thank god for scalloped swimsuits now that don’t cost over $250 like Marysia swim does! I bought the scalloped bottoms, this jumpsuit and this dress (and everything is currently 40% off!). Also eyeing these sandals, this darling beach bag & this sweatshirt with stripes & bows!
  • Love chambray and love off off the shoulder so this dress is meant to be for my wardrobe.
  • This dress is perfect for bridal showers, weddings, baby showers…you name it! Looks like Self Portrait but for a much better price.
  • Pretty pink things.
  • I’ve been really into block heels recently so naturally I loved these the moment I saw them.
  • You may have seen on my Snapchat this week that I finally found a standing mirror for my bedroom! I had a pathetic one on the back of my door and have been looking for a proper one for months but they were all either super expensive or far too large for an apartment. I’m so in love with this one and CB2 delivered it to my apartment (and up the stairs!) for only $20 from their Soho store! SOOOOO happy!
  • How cool is the pleat on the back of this shirt? It makes a normal, un-interesting button down so much more chic!
  • The price is right on this pretty pink top.
  • OBSESSED does not begin to cover it for this top. I love the shoulder detail and bow so much!
  • Adore this little crossbody that’s perfect for spring weekends.
  • This dress has such a pretty & unexpected print.


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