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March 10, 2017

Cozy and Casual

This week with a doozy. I had two client events and by Wednesday afternoon I couldn’t keep my eyes open. That afternoon I promptly set my alarm for thirty minutes and completely conked out. Friday literally couldn’t come soon enough!

With snow settling upon New York City again today I think a bit of hibernation is in order this weekend. I am dying to see Moonlight still and also my room needs a good tidying up #rivetingweekendahead. What are you guys doing!?

Have a great one & hope you enjoy this week’s roundup!


  • Attended an inspiring event at Shadowbox in honor of International Women’s Day. (I’ve been loving getting a bit more into boxing classes – they are like therapy!!)
  • Caught up on outfit shoots and fit in 4 looks this week – keep an eye out for them all!
  • Started planning Spring activities! I’m excited to head to a Yankees game opening weekend and visit Storm King for the first time. Come on, warm weather…
  • Worked on finalizing all my tax stuff. [Insert giant ugh here]. I see my accountant next week which will be rough but I’ll be glad once everything is filed and done! Tax time is so different when you are self employed, let me tell you…Wish me luck!


  • In super exciting news my friend Hitha’s book How to Pack went on sale this week! She is a packing master and has so many great tips + tricks. I had a little preview of the book the other week and it is so handy. So unbelievably proud of her!
  • This was a moving read. I’m sure a lot of you can relate, too.
  • For all you New Yorkers, here’s a comprehensive list of healthy lunch options in the city.
  • Joanna Vargas gives one of the best facials in New York that I’ve ever had so I loved reading some of her skin tips.
  • Merritt is a girl after my own heart when it comes to planning a trip. She shared a lot of good tips that I’ll be adopting in the future in this post. I like to be rather organized when visiting places I’ve never been but certain trips I definitely prefer to just have a handy list of must-visits and then I like to see where my feet take me.
  • How cute is Carly in this look?
  • These are the best-selling beauty products on Amazon for 2016.


  • You guys know I love scalloped detailing so naturally I swooned over this shirt.
  • How cute is this suit?
  • These earrings are so fun!
  • This top has been all over Instagram and is now back on top! (Also in black!)
  • Loving this spring top, too. (And the price tag!)
  • These shoes were my favorite pair I bought last year and now they are back in a beautiful new style. Love them! (They also come in Wheat.)
  • This cropped trench is so cute!
  • I mentioned these the other week and I bit the bullet and got them. They already came in handy when I had to go to a client event this week in the rain! Much better for in-transit than Hunters!
  • I was in Lululemon this week for the first time in a long time and saw so many cute things! Love these pants and ended up buying this hoodie. (I saw a Shadowbox instructor layering her hoodie with a leather jacket and it looked impossibly chic.)
  • This dress looks so pretty and is such a good price!
  • Remember this jacket from last Fall that was all over social media? It is back in stock in so many great colors!
  • Yes to this bow back jumpsuit!


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