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July 12, 2010

You know those blogger BFFs you have and you just adore? Well we’re super excited to welcome one of ours as a guest contributor (genius idea, Andrea)! Danny of, the modman is witty, fierce and so sweet and so we put our minds together and are now thrilled to introduce a new regular feature to hit WIT & Whimsy: modman Mondays. Each Monday Danny will be bringing his fresh and fashionable outlook and male perspective to you, our lovely readers.

So without further or due, meet the modman:

Tell us about the modman: how did you start your blog? What was the inspiration?

I actually started off with modmen. The original modmen name was a play off the show Mad Men. I thought it would be different to focus on the fashion industry from the perspective that Mad Men approached the ad agency in the 1960s. After a few months, I found that my interests and the voice of modmen was changing. I finally decided that my musings were my own, and I landed on the name the modman.

How did you first hear about WIT & Whimsy?

A dear friend referred me to WIT & Whimsy early this year. She raved about the site and two of the editors. I even got a chance to meet both Meghan and Andrea during New York Fashion Week in February. We’ve been in touch since and I am excited about this joint venture!

Favorite Designer?

That’s like saying “what is your favorite dessert” to someone with a sweet tooth! Male or female? Its too difficult! haha. Can I get back to you on that one?

Last Purchase?

J.Crew Oxfords. They are a killer to break in but so worth it.

What can w&w readers expect to read about and check out on modman mondays? WIT & Whimsy brings you, the reader, the best of all worlds. Editors offer great styling and beauty tips, useful product reviews and pre and post event details. I wanted to bring something new to the table, a guys perspective. My opinion is definitely my own and not the end all be all, but I just thought a male point of view would just add to the already awesome package that is WIT & Whimsy!

Look for modman Mondays starting next week on July 19th and in the meantime, be sure to follow mm on Twitter!

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