What to know: Jade Rolling & the Ice Roller

September 24, 2018

Jade Rollings vs. Ice Roller

Happy Monday! Starting this week off on a beauty-related note because after showing off using my new Ice Roller on Instagram Stories the other day I was quickly inundated with questions! Is it better than jade rolling? What is it exactly? Is it worth the $12? Do I also jade roll? So today I’m breaking down both beauty tools and sharing my experience with them.

Ok so here’s what to know about each of these under $20 beauty tools.

What to know - Jade Rolling

A jade roller is a great last step in your nighttime routine to bring you some zen and help de-puff while also massaging in your serums and moisturizers. It helps with lymphatic drainage when done properly (see a good video here on how-to) and I particularly love using it when I return home from long trips to help bring some life back to my face. One additional reason I love having a jade roller? I suffer from headaches and you can use the smaller stone end to apply pressure at points you feel pain. I hold it on my sinuses and temples and really like the relief.

What to know I Ice Roller

An ice roller is a water or gel-filled tool that you keep in the freezer and then roll across your face. At first it is a little startling and then it feels amazing. Unlike a jade roller, you use this on a clean face. (You can also use it on other muscle groups like your back to help reduce inflammation or relieve pain). My face felt so much better after use. More taught, less puffy and my pores looked less noticeable. I am hooked.

. . .

Have you used either of these tools? Thoughts?

p.s. how I practice self care and my favorite recent drugstore beauty products.

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11 comments on “What to know: Jade Rolling & the Ice Roller”

  1. I have a jade roller but that video is going to be helpful! I’ve been debating an ice roller, wish I had discovered it at the beginning of summer! Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. I’ve been considering an ice or jade roller, but now I’m considering both! It’s great that they’re so affordable, you can keep both on hand. I have some upcoming travel in the next few months so my face can take all the depuffing help it can get.

    1. I was so happy they were both well-priced! I’ve seen more expensive jade rollers but don’t think you need anything pricier than what I bought on Amazon. If you end up getting them let me know what you think!

  3. I have both, and love both! The ice roller is just so refreshing on my face, I can’t get enough of it! Gothamista also has a great video on using the jade roller 🙂

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