Where to Find What the Other Half Wears

October 17, 2008

I adore getting blog recommendations. Those that are worthy immediatly get added to my RSS. One such blog is WhoWhatWear.com. This site looks at what celebs were wearing each week and tracks the latest trends in fashion.

With nearly 100,000 subscribers and far more daily visitors, this site is fabulousness at its best. It reads like the opening pages of People and Us Weekly, but is even better because it focuses strictly on one thing: Fashion. Don’t expect any celeb rumors or news on the the latest celeb couple because that’s so not what WWW is about. But, if you’re dying to know where Rachel Bilson’s bag is from- turn to the ladies of WhoWhatWear- they’ll have the answer for you.

Also, check out the additional channel they offer: WhoWhatWear TV.

logo via WhoWhatWear.com

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  1. Agent Elle says:

    Ooo nice find…am about to check it out 🙂

  2. Meghan Donovan says:

    nice! seriously, so so cute and useful. now if only i had the funds to buy everything I found!! 🙂

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