WIT gadget: Wii Fit

August 30, 2008

What are the odds that a video game system and some positive journalistic reviews could make me work out? Odds are slim, but frankly the idea of playing faux tennis or going faux skiing on the Wii Fit sounds down right fun.

My friend and I were aboard the cable car the other day discussing whether this intriguing technology trend which actually get our butts off the couch and into living more “active” lifestyles when the lady next to us began singing its praises. But what’s there to it I wondered?

Acting like a cross between a personal trainer and a video game, “Wii Fit” offers up more than 40 different exercises and activities that are supposed to help those who play it not only get into shape but actually have fun while getting into shape.

Check out a full review of Wii Fit on MSNBC here.

If you’re a WIT that’s tried Wii tell me how it is!

photo courtesy of MSNBC

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