WIT & Whimsy chats with Chelsea Lately's Heather McDonald

December 14, 2009

Thanks to Mastercard’s genius little tool called the MasterCard Priceless Gift Finder, we got the opportunity to speak with one of our favorite funny gals ever, Heather McDonald of E!’s Chelsea Lately. You all know how we feel about Chelsea!

Here’s the down-low on what we chatted about with Heather!

How did you meet Chelsea?

Many years ago, Chelsea and I were at an open mic at a bar in Westwood Village. We totally hit it off and began to see each other at lots of auditions. When I found out she was looking for a writer once her show launched, I applied. Given that I had been writing material for the Wayans brothers, I figured this would be way more fun and easier to watch in the end!

Who are your favorite people to join you on the roundtable of Chelsea Lately?

Well everyone is totally great. Chris Franjola is hilarious. I love Guy- we share an office so we’re together all the time. Sarah Colonna is always fun to steamroll.

Tell WIT & Whimsy readers what you are doing with MasterCard?

As the holidays roll around, Mastercard created this great online tool called Priceless Gift Finder. You answer a few questions and Mastercard will make gift recommendations for all those on your list. I mean, my mom would have gotten another pair of slippers but instead she’s getting an awesome DVD set of Hitchcock films. I never would have thought of that!

What’s at the top of your wish list this year?

I saw some cool thing that lets you do karaoke from your iPod. I think that would be a ton of fun with my family. [Editor’s note: We’re thinking Heather was talking about something like this.]

Favorite part about the Mastercard Priceless Gift Guide?

I think it’s way easier than going to the mall and braving the crowds. Plus, let’s be honest, I just end up shopping for myself.

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