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March 17, 2009

One of my very best friends, Lauren, is setting out on a mission to accomplish her dream assignment as a promising photographer (seriously, amazing. Check out her photo portfolio here– you’ll be amazed).

In order to tell the story of a culture nearing extinction, Lauren and her brother are looking to travel to communities of Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal, as well a Tibet itself , to document the people and culture and raise awareness.

Their goals are to:
1) Document the Tibetan way of life before it disappears completely.

2) Tell the stories of the refugees in India and Nepal desperately trying to hold onto their identity in a foreign land away from their families – learn about the struggles in their homeland.

3) Raise awareness through this project – with our blog, people will be able to follow us as we share what we learn along our journey, and when we return, we will host a gallery show with the photos to raise funds and increase public understanding.

But in order to be judged by a panel, they need to make it into the top 20 and need YOU to help them! Please take a minute and vote for them by clicking here. (Yes, you have to annoyingly register your e-mail, but it is all in an effort to keep the contest fair and they promise no spam so it’s 1 minute of your time and potentially more minutes of life for the children suffering in the countries Lauren plans to document!)

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