Worthwhile Wheels

June 23, 2009

We don’t drive. We are bonafide city girls (and proud of it!), but let’s face the facts: sometimes a girl has got to get from point A to Z and public transportation just won’t cut it! Enter: Car Sharing.

This past weekend, fellow contributor, Andrea and we set out to outfit the new pad (sooo exciting, but soooo stressful). So instead of being somewhat damsels in distress, we hit up Zipcar.  Zipcar is one of those genius ideas you totally wish you would have come up with because it’s just so intuitive and so convenient that it essentially makes you wish you could be friends with the creators.


Zipcar was created for those folks that need wheels and don’t own them (very common in cities given gas prices and the increasingly expensive cost of car insurance. And let’s not even get started on parking conundrums). It’s a company we respect because they’re working to decrease pollution and traffic congestion and bring sustainable solutions to the world. With a one time registration fee of a mere $50 and payment by the hour (varies by vehicle), Zipcar will cover your gas and insurance and ensure you get a clean, reliable vehicle to get you where you want to be.

Ready to get zipping? Want to learn more? Find out additional details about Zipcar here. They’re from coast to coast and if they’re not spinning their wheels where you live- tell them at info@zipcar.com! Our money’s on them making your wish a reality.

photo courtesy of The Daily Green

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