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May 31, 2013


What a week this was. It’s always a blessing and a curse to have a three day weekend in my opinion because you get to play one extra day but then you have to fit 5 business days into 4- and I had 22 meetings this week over 4 days-phew! I’m looking forward to celebrating two friends’ birthdays tonight and then having a day at the pool on Saturday. Sunday I’ll catch up with girlfriends during a power walk on the Westside Highway and get to welcome one of my closest friends from San Francisco to her new home of Manhattan! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Kate says:

    I love that Tegan & Sara album oh so much! It’s so good! Happy, happy weekend!

  2. caroline says:

    Thanks love! So good getting to see you (and share my news) last week! xo

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