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July 11, 2014


This week has felt so emotionally and physically draining to me. I’ve been jet lagged and on top of that working 10-12 hour days. I’m feeling funny about being back in New York after such an amazing trip abroad and like I can’t quite catch up. (Do you do that, too? You come back from a vacation and feel like your whole to do list needs to get done immediately and so you’re exhausted but you’re staying up worrying about it all? How do we fix this?) I am so looking forward to a weekend to play catch up- on errands, on blogging, on wellness and on sleep! I hope you have a wonderful one yourself and enjoy the links below.

  • I am so proud of my friend Grace for her collection with BaubleBar. It’s just beautiful! (This is my favorite piece).
  • Madewell is offering an extra 40% off sale items – celebratory worthy if you ask me! (I ordered these).
  • I just read this book on the way home from London – highly recommend!
  • Trying to think of an excuse occasion to make these soon.
  • This New York apartment had me day dreaming.
  • I have my eye on this dress to get me through the rest of summer.
  • So excited for Sam!
  • I loved looks from Julia, Kat and Liz this week.

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  1. <3 you.

    I LOVED the girl you left behind too! x

  2. Lisa says:

    I loved The Girl You Left Behind!! Read all her other ones, they are all great. And she just had a new one come out too. XXOO

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