You little skinny bitch!

August 11, 2008

I have to admit that my diet is not the finest. I could eat less cheese, fewer cupcakes and more vegetables, but let’s be honest- that’s not all that fun or delicious! I must say, however, I kind of loved the book Skinny Bitch.

The book takes a look at those dangerous food traps that lay around us like trenches ready for us to fall into them as we have one more piece of chocolate instead of a rice cake. And while some of their theories (note the parts on dairy and meat) are a bit far-fetched, the sassy and witty read does get you thinking in a better direction when it comes to your meals and snacks.

So if you’re looking to eat more healthily and are ready to be a skinny bitch that others envy, pick up this book stat and get ready to laugh a lot and love the two female authors who have got a whole lot of spunk and pizzaz. It’s a WITs tough-love guide to nutrition and should help you curb cravings and start loving your skinny bitch body!

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