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December 4, 2015

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Burgundy and Black I wit & whimsy

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Parisian Cafe Charm

I’m excited to share my second set of photos from my October trip to Paris this morning. (My first post is here in case you missed it.) Cafe tradition in Paris is one of my favorite parts of the culture. I love how so many people take time for le petit déjeuner and how at any point in your day, on mostly any corner in the city, you can pop down and take a pause.

When I studied abroad you often heard the french word Flâneur used often. It speaks to the art of wandering so to speak. Embracing strolling. Taking it all in. I feel like Parisian cafes are a part of this. That you can watch the city go by and be present.

Which brings me to a petite story…

I had this moment on my first night in Paris. I was sitting solo at a restaurant without any wifi so I pulled out my iPad to read some pages of my book.

I had delicious wine at hand. Terrine (some of the best I’ve ever had) and fresh baguette in front of me.

I set my iPad down.

Conversations were being held all around me and I realized I was actually stopping to take in my surroundings. I really tasted my food. I sipped my wine slowly. I chatted with the bartender. I was suddenly overcome with this feeling of content and bliss.

It seems so simple. To pay attention to what’s going on around you. But we are so glued to our phones most of the time that we can’t do so.

Especially being a blogger. I feel this constant (self-imposed) pressure to constantly be in touch. To be sharing. To be capturing content.

I wrote earlier this Fall about balance and priorities and I have to say this moment in Paris was really, really good for me. I loved the feeling of being alone enjoying my own company and fantastic food. I loved having no service and not worrying about flagged emails to reply to or Instagram likes or text messages.

The evening (and realization) was a total slice of delicious glory I didn’t seek out but am determined to create for myself more often.

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[Photos thanks to L’Amour de Paris Photography Par Stacy Reeves]

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  1. Merritt says:

    This is something I constantly struggle with – I’m always looking for the perfect photo, responding to emails, etc, but when I travel I really try to remember why I’m actually there. It’s freeing to not be able to use your phone. To not rely on Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

    The Style Scribe

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