2019 Goals & Priorities

January 2, 2019

French Girl Style I wit & whimsy

I’m one of those people who really loves the start of a new year. I like the opportunity to reflect on the year that’s just passed and use the fresh beginning as a time to look more closely at what I want out of the 12 months ahead. I always enjoy writing down my goals so that I have a record of all that I hope to accomplish and this year’s list has me particularly excited.

Fuzzy Sweater + Beret | 2019 Goals & Priorities

French Girl Style I 2019 Goals & Priorities

2019 Goals & Priorities

Fuzzy Sweater I 2019 Goals & Priorities

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2019 Goals & Priorities

Go on a yoga retreat.

This has been something I’ve wanted to do all 2018 but never found one that fit my schedule and, to be honest, I’m a little nervous, too! I’ve been practicing yoga for years but only got hooked when I started doing heated yoga about four years back. I live for hot yoga 1-2x per week and think doing a retreat would benefit my mind just as much as my body. My friend Grace did a few this past year and really inspired me on this goal.

Redesign wit & whimsy’s NYC guide & build one for Paris.

When I redesigned my site several years ago I added my guide to NYC and it remains one of the most popular features. I love being able to share all my favorites but I’ve reached the point where I’d like it to be a bit more aesthetically appealing and perhaps have a sentence or two per place that I can call out certain details or dishes. I hope to be able to plot out how I’d like this to look and get it live this year while also building one for Paris since I send around my Paris recommendations via email several times every month.

Finish decorating my apartment & shoot it.

My apartment is nearly there but I’m struggling with art. I have a shelf to put up and decorate, need some sort of book storage and need some prints for the walls. Once I have that sorted I’ll finally get around to shooting and sharing my apartment with you guys!

Spend my birthday in Paris.

Birthdays nowadays don’t hold the same excitement they once used to and after my birthday last summer I decided I’d like to take a trip for my 34th this coming June. I’m thinking Paris because it is my favorite place on earth followed by another nearby European city.

Join a wine club.

I used to go to Napa and Sonoma often when I lived out in the Bay Area for  many years and have a real affinity for wine these days (see here, here & here) so I’d like 2019 to be the year I join a wine club. (Any of you part of one that you love?)

Take a photography class.

I absolutely love photography (and am former photography of my college yearbook – ha!) but I’ve all but forgotten how to use my DSLR on any setting other than automatic. For years as I’ve traveled around this has bothered me. This year I’d like to remedy that by taking a photography class to re-learn how to use my camera.

Buy a new camera.

Relatedly, I’d like a smaller, more lightweight camera to take on trips with me. I’ve heard great things about this Sony one so I’m eyeing it.

Complete BBG 2.0.

I really loved the challenge of and results from my first round of BBG (I completed 1.0 which is 12 weeks + another 5 weeks of beginner workouts) so I’m going to download the Sweat app this time around and do 2.0. (For those who have asked – I am still planning to do a full review blog post of BBG!)

Do a detox to start the year.

I have gotten 100% off track with my better eating habits. By the last few months of the year I was making so much pasta and just eating to eat instead of fueling my body. I want to start out this year on the right foot so am looking at doing the Sakara 10 Day Reset to help me re-adjust.

Get a massage a quarter.

I don’t know why I feel guilt when I book a proper massage. I spend that money on other things that I don’t reap nearly as many benefits from. This year I’m going to stop with the guilt and book a massage every quarter. I always feel so much better after one and really think it helps with my chronic headaches.

Go on a shopping freeze in January.

I haven’t done one of these in a while but with new financial goals in mind for 2019 and 2020, I need to chill on the shopping. I’ll be allowed to buy necessities and items with gift certificates but nothing else. I want to start the year out on the right foot and putting down my credit card for the month of January will no doubt help me get there. I may even continue it into February.

Be more mindful.

I wrote about mindfulness in a recent blog post and haven’t been able to stop thinking about how I need to incorporate it more into my life. I am so easily distracted and all too often, impatient. I’d like to be more present during certain activities and spend less time on my phone doing mindless scrolling this year.

Get back to meditating.

I was so in the groove with meditating in 2017 and early 2018. But I completely abandoned it somewhere mid-2018. I tend to do this during stressful times which is exactly when I need it most! I want to get back into the routine of weekly – if not daily – meditation. (Here is the app I like.)

Get more organized.

If I’m being honest I felt like I was flailing ever since October as I wound down 2018. I felt unorganized, anxious and out of sorts. I took on too much and as a result my habits and routines went out the window. I’m starting out these slower first few days of January trying to do a clean out of my apartment, re-organizing spaces and getting my desk in a place that I can once again work from it. I also want to be more efficient with my time. I’d like to prioritize reading and podcasts and watch less mindless television.

Get back on a schedule.

Related to the above, I got veered off my routine schedule which was spending Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday working in the city and then spending Mondays and Fridays in Brooklyn. I was in a great groove with this schedule and I found that it really helped me maximize my time each day. I also felt inspired and efficient particularly on the days I spent in Manhattan. I’m looking forward to getting back to this sort of schedule this year.


2018 was a year of saying “yes” more and setting off on adventures. I’d like to continue that sentiment this year while also being cognizant of new savings goals for myself. In 2019 I’d like to visit two places I’ve never been before and also  take a spontaneous trip. Spontaneity is not my forte. I’d like to surprise myself and make a spontaneous trip happen this year. Minimal planning, maximum relaxation and enjoyment. I’d also like to go somewhere random that is off the beaten path. We’ll see what I come up with!

Get back to reading a book a month.

I’ve had this on my goals the past two years (here, here) and have been pretty good at reading as a result but the back half of 2018 I totally fell out of sync. I was overwhelmed with work and therefore not reading hardly at all. Over the holidays, I finally got back in the groove and managed to read three books. This month I plan to start tackling the pile of books that has accumulated in a corner of my apartment.

Sort out my skincare routine.

Ever since August I’ve been battling bad breakouts and I’ve reached my breaking point. Starting this month I am prioritizing being super consistent with my routine and stopping adding in anything until I get my skin back in a good condition.

Soak up New York’s cultural offerings.

I loved being a member of The Met for the first time last year and found myself going to new exhibits and soaking up more culture as a result. In 2019 I’d like to finally go see the New York City Ballet and also see an opera. I love any excuse to get dressed up and go out in this city so would love to continue to soak up all the culture NYC has to offer.

. . .

Do you guys have any goals or resolutions for the year? I would love to hear them!

The White Company Coat (their coats are gorgeous and worth every penny) // Ba&sh Sweater (last seen here) // AGolde Jeans (wearing 27 – I love these jeans!)  // Celine Bag // Chanel Slingbacks (similar here for less) // Beret

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  1. Grace Atwood says:

    yessss do it! yoga retreats are the best!!! such a fun and healthy way to see a new place!

  2. Melanie says:

    We have had a membership to Laithewaite’s wine for a year or so and really like it! You can choose red/white/mixed boxes and get the quarterly. Can’t beat the prices! And we’ve looooved all the wine.
    Love seeing all your resolutions and goals! I haven’t written mine all down yet, but I plan to work more on learning calligraphy (something I’m super interested in but afraid I’ll be bad at!) and putting my phone down more. I need to be more active, might try running with my husband (eek!), and we’re doing sugar free January with Pinch of Yum! Definitely recommend them for yummy, healthy recipes.
    Cheers to a great 2019!

    • Meghan says:

      How fun you’re doing calligraphy! I worked at a stationery store in high school and loved seeing the calligraphy work. Don’t be afraid – enjoy it! And I LOVE Pinch of Yum!!

  3. MarciaMarciaMarcia says:

    We belong to several wine clubs and love them all. One in Northern CA, one in New Mexico, and a couple in Texas (we live in Austin so we’ve gotten to tour some great Texas wineries). We also on a whim a couple years ago redeemed one of those Naked Wine discount cards that come from various online vendors, and I highly recommend them. They are basically a source for small wineries to sell their wines, which I love, and the ordering options allow for so much mixing-and-matching. Most of the wines we’ve tried have been very good, and some downright excellent.

    I have also been looking at the Sakara 10 day reset – if you do it, please share your thoughts and results! Also happy to see a good small camera recommendation. Most of the time I’m perfectly fine with my iPhone camera, but we have two big trips this summer (Portugal and Scotland), and I have really been thinking it’s time to get a proper camera.

    Finally, I highly recommend regular massages. I consider them part of my routine maintenance and get one at least monthly. Granted, I’m an athlete and when I’m training I really need them, but honestly, even if I’m not training, that $70 or so per month is worth far more than a lot of other things I spend money on.

    Happy New Year!!!

    • Meghan says:

      You are a wealth of knowledge, Marcia – THANK YOU for this and for inspiring me!! And hopefully my Portugal guides will be helpful for your upcoming trip!

  4. Diana Pearl says:

    I’m also doing a January shopping freeze! End of the year was way too spendy for my liking. I also bought the Sony a6000 last winter and I’m OBSESSED with it. Better photos than my DSLR and much easier to carry around.

  5. caitie says:

    just gotta say it: these jeans look INCREDIBLE on you. i’m going to keep them in mind next time i’m in the market for some new jeans!

    i’m hoping to travel to paris someday. really looking forward to your guide! i know i’ll be bookmarking it!

  6. Libby says:

    I 100% support joining a wine club…. 🙂

    xoxo Libby

  7. Shania Dolphin says:

    I love your shoes! Where are they from? Could you kindly leave a link to it? Thanks!

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