A Fall Floral Dress and Leather Jacket + Thoughts on Mindfulness

October 8, 2018

J.McLaughlin Floral Dress + Leather Jacket I wit & whimsy

Oh man do I love dressing in October when you can still have bare legs but also start to style items like booties and leather jackets. It is those mid-high 60s days that feel utterly delicious and have you wanting to avoid all your responsibilities and just read outside with a cup of coffee (or wine…who are we kidding?) You guys know those days, right? Let’s all take a moment to savor those days. When I spotted this dress + leather jacket combo in the latest J.McLaughlin catalog I was instantly smitten and knew the outfit would be perfect for those days.

Biker Jacket Outfit I wit & whimsy

Leather Jacket + Dress I wit & whimsy

J.McLaughlin Floral Dress + Leather Jacket I wit & whimsy

Fall outfit idea I wit & whimsy

A Fall Floral Dress and Leather Jacket

This outfit today is really a mechanism for us to chat a bit about mindfulness as I was recently very touched by an episode on Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations.  (I love, love, love listening to this podcast while taking baths). The conversation was with professor Jon Kabat-Zinn who created the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It really struck several chords with me because more often than ever these days I think a lot about how absorbed we all are with ourselves and with our phones. It can be easy to ignore what is happening around us or even acknowledge the act of being present.

Thoughts on Mindfulness

In the conversation Jon defines mindfulness as The opposite of taking life for granted and it really resonated with me. Some of my most meaningful experiences in life have been when I’ve allowed myself (or sometimes forced myself) to be super present. Putting away my phone, tuning out outside noises, taking deep breaths and just focusing on being in the moment. Paris is actually the place I am best at this (as I shared in this post.) The city manages to quiet my thoughts and it really centers me. Jon goes on to say we must live our lives as if they really matter because they really do.

It got me thinking about how happy I am that I’ve pursued a career I love. And that this year I’ve been saying “yes” more. That I live in the place I love. And that I’ve been working on being more purposeful with my time. Jon argues that we need to get back to being human beings and not human doings and I think that’s a powerful statement. He says we must remember Mindfulness as a concept and not a practice and his check for this? Next time you’re in the shower…check if you’re you’re in the shower. Are you aware of what you’re doing in the shower? Or are you off in the past or off in the future?

I mean…isn’t that something so intriguing?

As someone who has to have 20 browser tabs open at once and can forget what I was walking across my apartment to do in a matter of seconds…Mindfulness is truly an incredible thing to be more aware of. It speaks to the power of being in the moment and advocates for being an active participant in your life so that you’re not missing beautiful little things happening around you while you cruise control through days.

I was incredibly moved by this podcast and wanted to share. As I think, on some level, we can all relate. Give it a listen if you have some time this week.

While I cannot wait to share this upcoming trip to Paris with you guys I am also going to allow my inspiration from this podcast to remind me to be mindful and in the moment while I take in my favorite city. I always leave Paris feeling inspired and empowered to keep living life to the fullest and I can’t wait to be back there in a few short days.

Happy Monday you guys! May you find some moments of Mindfulness this week!

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J.McLaughlin Dress (wearing a 6) + Leather Jacket (c/o) // Boots (last seen here, here) // Celine Bag

And because the J.McLaughlin new arrivals are so good – here are a few other favorite finds:

p.s. a pair of comfortable booties I’m loving and coats at every price point.

[Carter Fish Photography]

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