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A WIT's Guide to: ShopBop's Winter Trends

November 28, 2008

As you set out on Black Friday, keep your eyes out for the must-have winter trend items you’ll want to have hanging in your witty closet in the coming weeks.
When it comes to be fashion-forward, I quite often turn to ShopBop. Not only do they predict the trends, they write about them in detail and give you great choices you can purchase within a few clicks through their website. What’s on tap for winter? Get a taste for ShopBop’s Winter Trends right here on WIT & Whimsy:
Deep and iridescent berry colors will be all over the holidays this year and make for rich and colorful looks that are easily put together. Keep your eye out for deep purples and smooth berries.

I’ll admit, floor length numbers are not really my thing. I chalk it up to not having the right events to attend, however. Anyone want to invite me to a black tie gala? Please! That aside, floor length dresses are practically effortless and, if pulled off, guarantee a head-turning entrance.
Lace comes and goes each year and can either be done in a sophisticated and chic manner or it can be tacky and gaudy. If you’re a WIT, clearly you’re going to aim for the former of the two. My suggestions? Don lace in small quantities when it is lady-like and not overpowering or obnoxious. (Trust me it’s not hard for ladies to ruin an expensive outfit with lace, so do this trend carefully). Dresses and lace-accented tops are your best bets in 2009.
I predict seeing this trend all over California. ShopBop is touting this year’s bohemian look as more chic and “less flower-child,” which thrills me…the hippy look has never been one of which I’ve been a huge fan. Layers with various textures and lengths is the easiest way to achieve this look. Colored accent pieces and accessories along with bold tops paired with dark colors provide additional options.
Last, but not least comes my favorite: Winter metallics! If you watched this year’s American Music Awards, you couldn’t help but notice that all the best dressed ladies were wearing gold, silver, beading and/or some sort of sparkle. They all looked lovely! One of my favs in this trend is this Vera Wang number– it says ‘standout’ all over it. If you’re in need of a killer dress for New Year’s or a company holiday party- get started here. I promise you’ll fine the PLD: Perfect Little Dress.
Visit ShopBop to see all their winter-trend inspired pieces- gorgeous.

photos and trend forecasts courtesy of ShopBop

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