An Honest Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited

August 12, 2019

An Honest Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited | Little Black Dress at Grand Central Station I wit & whimsy

An Honest Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited

You know that great feeling you get when you wear something new? It’s kind of the best, right? Getting compliments on sporting something new never really gets old. Enter: Rent the Runway Unlimited.

Summer in Central Park I wit & whimsy

JOA Dress. Size M.

Cupcakes & Cashmere Jacket | Meghan Donovan in Brooklyn Heights in a Herringbone Plaid Jacket I wit & whimsy

Cupcakes & Cashmere Jacket. Size M.

An Honest Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited | Plaid Cropped Jacket I wit & whimsy

Free People Jacket. Size M.

How to Be Your Own Best Date I wit & whimsy

Slate & Willow Dress. Size 8.

Striped Spring Dress I wit & whimsy

Shoshanna Dress. Size 8.

An Honest Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited I wit & whimsy

Kate Spade Jumpsuit (Size 6) and Rebecca Taylor Jacket (Size M).

An Honest Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited | Gingham Summer Dress I wit & whimsy

Shoshanna Dress (size 8) and J.Crew Clutch (I loved the clutch so much I bought it from J.Crew!)

Rent the Runway Unlimited Review I wit & whimsy

Rachel Zoe Dress. Size 8.

Floral Long Dress I wit & whimsy

Reformation Dress. Size 10.

Little Black Dress in Grand Central Station I wit & whimsy

Trina Turk Dress. Size 8.

An Honest Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited

Since the end of last year I’ve been trying out the service that I never really thought would be for me and I have to say, it’s been so nice to try out new designers, select pieces for special occasions that I really don’t need to own and give my closet a refresh when I’m feeling uninspired. Shown above are all pieces I’ve rented in the past few months.

So what is Rent the Runway Unlimited?

You may have tried Rent the Runway for weddings you’ve attended in the past or for special events when you wanted a fancy dress but since its launch RTR has evolved a lot. Rent the Runway Unlimited is their service that gives you a revolving closet that’s not just dresses. You can now rent bags, jewelry, jeans, sweaters, tops, coats and more.

Each delivery of RTR Unlimited you get to select 4 styles for $159/month. You can wear or return as many times as you want during that month long period so you could easily get 4 new pieces each week giving you up to 16 new items to wear during the course of the month. If you live in NYC like me, your return shipment will be registered the next day and you can begin selecting new items immediately.  You can pause or cancel your RTR Unlimited membership at any time.

Some key takeaways and pros/cons:

  • I truly love that you can supplement your wardrobe with new-to-you pieces when you’re feeling bored with your own closet. It’s also great towards the end of each season when you’re over wearing all your summer dresses for example and want to spruce things up and aren’t quite ready to begin wearing Fall clothes. Or it is great if you always have lots of things you need to dress up for during the social-calendar-heavy month of say, December.
  • I think it is brilliant to use when you’re going on vacation. You get to sport cute pieces on your Instagram and then send them back.
  • It’s a great way to learn sizing of designers you may want to invest in down the road.
  • I personally tend to size up in most dresses I order to ensure fit works. There’s nothing worse than getting excited to wear something only to not have it zip up- ha!
  • I highly, highly recommend you look at the Customer Photos that have been uploaded – they are so helpful to see how pieces fit on real bodies and also read other customer feedback on sizing.
  • My one biggest gripe with the service is that they are tumble-drying some pieces that 100% need to be dry cleaned. On more than one ocassion I had pieces show up that couldn’t be worn because they’d been tumble dried and never pressed / were far from being ready to be worn. I’ve written to their customer service to alert them of the issue and I certainly hope they resolve this soon.
  • I personally didn’t love the quality of the jeans that came and in the end decided wearing jeans that had been worn by a lot of other people wasn’t for me. I more so rent dresses and jackets from the service.
  • Some items did come to me that were over-worn. Given this, I appreciate that after every order you are required to fill out a survey so you can tell RTR in real-time when things didn’t live up to your expectations. I also think this is where the past-customer photos come in handy. Take a close look to see how things appear to be holding up.

Want to try out Rent the Runway Unlimited? Use code RTRMEGHAND at sign up and you will receive $100 off your first month.

Have you guys tried the Unlimited service? Would love to hear your thoughts!


p.s. Wear now and wear later pieces and a favorite pair of pumps styled two ways.

Rent the Runway provided me with two months complimentary but I have also paid for six+ months myself to try the service and share an honest review with you.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Love the Rachel Zoe dress on you!

  2. Shannon says:

    What about shipping? That seems like it would be annoying- to have that gap between shipping pieces

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