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April 7, 2016

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Today is such a fun post for me to share as it is a roundup of takeaways from this year’s Annual Reader Survey. I absolutely loved the answers you all shared so candidly in my second time facilitating this survey. Thank you for doing so!

I’ve spent the weeks since launching the survey reading ever comment very carefully and assessing the results. I’ve been mulling over the commentary and feedback thoughtfully and wanted to know the time you took to provide your opinions was not taken lightly by me. Therefore I thought I’d cull together the biggest feedback themes and share them with you so you knew A) I recognize your feedback B) I’m doing something with it!

So without further ado…the results:

More budget friendly options

I hear you loud and clear! You’d like to know how to get the look for less when I wear more expensive items. You’d like more options that are budget friendly when I am showing how I recommend styling certain items. You’d like to know how to wear investment items multiple ways if you’re going to pull the trigger. Moving forward I will try my hardest to be better about outlining more budget-friendly options and highlighting good priced items I find (not just in my weekly roundups like I typically do.) Of particular note, in my shop I have an Under $100 category and I also have a Under $100 Style Finds board on Pinterest. Because of the feedback as well, two of my most recent outfits have included pieces under $100. See them here & here. More like that to come!

Eliminate Wednesday Wish Lists

Several of you said you don’t enjoy these wish lists so I’m going to do away with them for now. Oddly enough I breathed a sigh of relief in doing so as for some reason they stressed me out the most! What I will be doing is sharing more themed collage posts on a less regular basis (so think packing lists, good sale items, etc.)

Site Housekeeping

You guys had some awesome “housekeeping” items for me! These include easier ways to find the Witty Conversations With series and also the Weekly Roundups. You can find both series now under “Categories” at the top of my site in the menu. I also made a few other functionality tweaks thanks to the wonderful recommendations given to me. And while this isn’t related to site functionality, someone called out typos in my posts. Embarrassing! (And a product of finishing posts often late at night with one eye shut.) I will make better efforts to give a final read through before I hit “publish.”

Instagram Content

You’d like more casual shots of everyday outfits on my Instagram vs. mostly blog content and I totally get this! It’s been a real struggle of mine since I spend so much of my time in an office with florescent lighting but I am going to try and get better since y’all requested it. I do have a hashtag for this type of content too that you can follow along 🙂 I’ll also work to do more of-the-moment photos so you can see more of my daily life in New York. For those of you who asked for easier ways to shop what I’m wearing in my Instagrams, you may not know about Like to Know It. Here’s a quick + easy guide to how I make my Instagrams shoppable. Sign up once & then get links straight to your inbox for every photo tagged with #liketkit.

Content Preferences

You guys had so much good stuff to say about my content (THANK YOU!!!) but something that became very clear is that while outfits remain the #1 most liked posts, you are all resoundingly interested in more lifestyle posts. Requests included more about my life in New York (where do I eat? Where do I workout? How did I move here?), more career pieces, more health + wellness posts, more recommendations on things I like (such as books) and more travel.

A few asked for more interior design / home posts but I have to be honest that living in a Manhattan sized apartment with two roommates makes this difficult. My space is not 100% my own and I’m not a blogger who is moving into a house/moving in with a significant other or just moving period so while a clean slate may come sometime in the future…it’s not in the near future. That being said, I am working on an exciting refresh of my bedroom so expect to see a fun before/after on that front.

One reader pointed out that a lot of my beauty content this year has been sponsored. A valid point as I’ve been lucky to work on a deeper level with some favorite brands this year but it’s also made me fall off my regular reviews aka: Recent Beauty Favorites. To combat this I am going to re-launch that series as a Monthly Beauty Edit. This way it’ll ensure each month I’m sharing what I’ve tried + liked (or didn’t like in some cases) on a regular basis.

Finally, as it relates to style content (in addition to the more budget friendly items previously mentioned) you guys would like more styling tips and multiple ways to wear things that you buy. I’ve started to try and incorporate that type of language and copy into recent outfit posts like this one on styling shorts in colder temperatures and this post that included Pinterest outfit inspo on how to wear a longer vest in addition to how I styled mine.

Life in New York

As mentioned above, a lot of you guys wanted more about my life in New York here on the blog. While I launched my guide to New York last year with my site redesign which includes most of my all-time favorites curated over five years of living here, you guys made it clear you want more content around my time in the city + my travels. I’ll also attempt to do more posts like this that share more details on my favorite spots around the city and also will be starting to scout some new and different locations to shoot outfits so you can see more of the city. And while I have found I’m slow to put together travel guides, if you guys like them, I’ll be more prompt!

Weekly Roundups

Next to outfit posts, the Weekly Roundup series was your favorite post each week! I was surprised but delighted as I always have such fun sharing what I read & see every week. To account for some of the content requests you may have seen that last week I added a sort of “what I did this week” section so if you guys like that, I’ll keep doing so!


So there you have it! Those were my biggest takeaways (but let me know if I missed something!) The above leaves me so excited and energized to continue to always be striving to do better here on wit & whimsy. Thank you for encouraging me to do so!

I of course pen this blog for self-fulfillment but more so because I really, truly love connecting with all of you and am always humbled by your engagement with me. It means so much and allows for this small space of mine on the internet to have true + rewarding meaning. So thank you. Dearly.

With all of that outlined, I thought I’d share with you some posts I’m working on- all inspired by your feedback! If you have additional thoughts/ideas/suggestions, feel free to email me! I am always all ears.

  • My favorite meeting spots in New York (and what to wear for them)
  • Productivity hacks I swear by
  • My favorite workouts in New York
  • Tips for part time bloggers
  • Career advice I’d give my younger self
  • Monthly beauty edits
  • A bedroom refresh + reveal
  • How I use each of my social media channels
  • Healthy habits I’ve been practicing

Here’s to much more in the coming future of wit & whimsy! Thank you all so much! XO

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    AW – I love the Wednesday Wishlist posts! Perhaps you can still do something similar, just not on a regular basis? 🙂

    • Meghan says:

      Aww Kaitlyn – thank you for the feedback! Not to worry as while the Wednesday Wish List series will be technically gone, I will be sharing very similar collage posts in the future but under different themes – think special sale round ups, packing lists and trending items!

  2. Kat says:

    For your bedroom refresh.. can you include hoe you organize your closet? We all have troubles stuffing tons of stuff (clothes, shoes, purses, hats etc) in small spaces. It would be nice to see how you manage it.

  3. Marion Donovan says:

    The closet request reminded me how amazingly your page organizes
    so many essentials into a tight space…just like a NYC apt! Brava!

  4. Can’t wait to read your wisdom for part-time bloggers (I have been blogging 6 years, but still maintain my full-time job in politics, so it’s a constant juggling act for me and I always welcome new tips).

    And I second the request for more lifestyle and New York posts (but love the balance of subjects you have on here).

    Briony xx

    • Meghan says:

      So glad to hear the part time blogger tips is of interest so I’ll bump it up on my priority list! Thank you for the constructive feedback, Briony! Must get drinks when you are next in NYC! xx

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