Beauty Treatments Not To Miss in New York City

October 4, 2017

Beauty Treatments Not to Miss in NYC I wit & whimsy

When it comes to places to get pampered, there is no shortage in New York City. Over the years I’ve found some pretty stellar spots where I like to go time and time again to recharge and take time for myself in the beauty department. Today I’m sharing a few not-to-be-missed experiences!

Biologique Recherche Perfect Illuminating Facial:

Calling this a facial seems almost insulting as it is so much more than just getting your skin super clean. My aesthetician at DAPHNE Studio used a variety of facial strokes and techniques during the course of the 90 minute treatment that helped my skin firm up and actually get lifted. She did this first on one side of my face, handed me a mirror and asked me to compare my two sides of my face to see the lifting and I think I gasped audibly. My face felt so firm, hydrated and extremely smooth. Nearly a week later I was still impressed with how toned my skin looked and due to its added radiance I began wearing significantly less makeup than before. File under: Game Changer. I’ve also been using the brand’s cult-status exfoliating P50 lotion for several weeks and love it.

Hortus Nailworks Gel Manicure:

You guys have heard me rave about this place before but I’ve been going here practically religiously for the past two years. The gel manicures are the best in the city. Lasting often three weeks, they are so meticulously done that you’ll become addicted and realize no other manicure can hold a candle to these. Plus the space is warm, inviting and relaxes you with the complimentary tea and the jazz music floating through the air.

blushington nyc

Makeup Application at Blushington:

I’m guilty of doing my makeup pretty close to the same way no matter the ocassion which is why I love going to Blushington as a special treat. The makeup artists always do a great job and I love how for a moderate price I can surrender control and always leave feeling ready to carpe diem.

Meghan Donovan of wit & whimsy wears Club Monaco


BeautyRx Peel Bar:

If you’ve never had a glycolic peel, you’re missing out. If you read my holy grail beauty product post last week you know I sing the praises of glycolic acid for exfoliating, clearing out pores and getting skin more radiant. To up my game, I try to get a glycolic peel quarterly and the BeautyRx Peel Bars makes that an affordable option. A heavy-duty dose of glycolic is applied to your skin and in just two minutes your dull, older skin cells are removed so skin is brighter, smoother and healthier. Makeup goes on more flawlessly and skin is prepped and ready for your other skincare products to do their job more efficiently.

Lace and Mesh Drop Waist Dress on wit & whimsy's Meghan Donovan

Kérastase Paris Fusio Dose:

You know those times your hair is feeling lackluster and difficult to manage? Look no further than the Fusio Dose. This is an add on treatment that Kerastase offers at select salons. They’ll perform a hair and scalp diagnosis with a tiny, high-tech camera that can assess your hair needs. It checks for lack of shine, dryness, breakage and more and then you are given a Fusio Dose treatment recommendation. I recently had one done at Samuel Shriqui salon where they addressed my hair dryness with a custom cocktail of Kerastase Fusio Dose that left my hair feeling softer, shinier and stronger. It was the perfect pick me up for my hair mid-salon visits. (I shot these photos the day after!)

There you have it! Worthwhile beauty treatments in New York City that I personally love. My fellow New Yorkers, do you guys have any musts I need to know about!? Do tell!

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  1. Diana says:

    I’ve always wanted someone from Keraatase to tell me what I’m supposed to use and how much to use. So far they are the best products I’ve used and I often leave them but always come back. How much is the Kerastase treatment/diagnosis at the mentioned salon?

    • Meghan says:

      It is a $30 add on service, Diana! I really do love their line, too. I just started using the Discipline line at the recommendation of my stylist and it is great, too!

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