An Affordable $18 T-Shirt Styled Two Ways

March 30, 2020

Everlane organic t-shirt | Everlane Drape Trench I wit & whimsy

I have always aspired to be that girl who looks effortlessly put together in just a t-shirt and jeans. But it isn’t as easy as it looks when not all t-shirts are created equal.

Because I have a bigger bust many, many t-shirts just don’t work on me. The fabric pulls or stretches out or the t-shirt gives up after a few washes. Finding a t-shirt that actually looks good on and stands up to wear seems to always be a bit of searching for a needle in a haystack. I was so excited to see that Everlane was introducing new affordable, certified organic t-shirts. They’re ethically made, transparently priced and made from entirely clean cotton. What does that mean exactly? Everlane set out two years ago to find a cotton maker that would meet their factory standards of paying their workers fair wages while also using clean water and removing all pesticides from the production process.

Today I’m styling this new Organic Cotton Box Cut t-shirt from Everlane two ways. (And, fun fact: The first ever item I ever owned from Everlane was a t-shirt when I first shopped the brand back when they launched in 2012!

Everlane Organic T-Shirt

Everlane organic t-shirt

Everlane Drape Trench I wit & whimsy

Everlane Editor Slingbacks I wit & whimsy

Everlane Drape Trench I wit & whimsy

Everlane organic t-shirt

Everlane Organic Cotton Tee I wit & whimsy

1st Look

The first look is about spotlighting the new Everlane drape trench. I love trench coats but I didn’t have one that works great for more casual looks. Or for packing when traveling. I love the slouchy silhouette on this one and the perfect stone color. It’s the perfect mix of classic (hello double-breasted buttons and an exaggerated collar) and casual (hello, slightly oversized fit). I paired it with a favorite pair of straight jeans – the Cheeky Straight Jeans – which happen to be a best-seller for the brand. They’re so comfortable and easy to dress up with the right shoe like the new Editor Slingback heels.These heels are made for walking and you know how much I love a slingback. I feel like these heels will just get better and better with time.

Everlane Kick Flare Jeans I wit & whimsy

Everlane Day Loafer Mule I wit & whimsy

Everlane Day Loafer Mule I wit & whimsy

Everlane Soft Boss Blazer I wit & whimsy

Everlane Kick Flare Jeans I wit & whimsy

2nd Look

For the second look featuring the Everlane organic cotton box t-shirt, I went for a classic look of mine: blazer + tee + jeans + a comfy shoe. This is an everyday outfit for me pretty much year-round. You know how much I love Everlane’s blazers so I was of course excited to see they were launching a more laid back, casual everyday blazer. Meet the Soft Boss Blazer which officially comes out next week on March 30th. So comfy and casual while still being put together.

On bottom I’m wearing their Kick Crop jean which is a favorite jean style for me to pair with mules. I’m such a fan of Everlane’s loafer-style shoes so no doubt jumped to try their new Day Loafer Mules which feel like wearing slippers if I’m being honest. Buttery soft leather and a cushion-y sole you’ll be so chic yet comfortable all day in these. There are five color ways, too from which to choose!

You can find all of the brand’s new arrivals here and as mentioned, until Friday night they are offering 25% off sitewide! At the bottom of this post I link some of my other Everlane favorites if you’re looking for some guidance.

Shop the Post:

Look 1: Everlane Organic Cotton Box Cut Tee (Size Large) // Drape Trench (Size Small; comes in 2 colors) // Cheeky Straight Jeans (Size 28) // Editor Slingback Heels (size 7)

Look 2: Everlane Organic Cotton Box Cut Tee (Size Large) // Soft Boss Blazer (Size 2) // Kick Crop Jeans (Size 28 – I cut off a bit more of the hem to make them the perfect length for me) // Day Loafer Mule (size 7) // Soft Day Tote

p.s. all my favorite pairs of jeans and my affordable closet staples.

This post is in collaboration with Everlane. Thank you so much for supporting the brands I love to work with! You can see our past recent collaborations here, here.

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  1. SO chic! Love the way you’ve styled both of these looks, and you have me wanting to stock up on some great basic t-shirts (especially since we’ll be living in them for the foreseeable future).

    Briony xx

  2. Sabrina says:

    Living in SF has me loving Everlane for so many reasons; top reasons are how comfortable, stylish, good fit and the ethics are inspiring!

    I live in their T’s and cashmere sweaters.
    Totally took advantage of the sale and even broke down and got the loafer that made them famous

    Wierd secret that I stole from a conscious consumer consultant: When your cashmere gets moth holes, 1. you can learn to darn them with fun patterns(I DO NOT do this) 2. Wear them as lounge clothing when no one is around. O M G. Genius

    Side note: have you done a home tour? or a tour of your work from home space?

    • Meghan says:

      I love that you’re a fellow Everlane fan! So glad you liked this post. I’m with you in living in their tees and cashmere – more so now than ever before! And re home tour: I haven’t yet but probably will before I move out 🙂

  3. Lauren says:

    The first thing I owned from Everlane was the Ryan t shirt. I wish they would bring that style back! I took a break from shopping the brand because nothing I ordered seemed to fit right. I think I might have to try these t-shirts though!

  4. Rachel says:

    Isn’t it amazing how many different ways you can style a classic solid-color tee? Love both of these looks and the price of this t-shirt!


  5. Kate Scott says:

    Love love you in both these looks! Really looking at those slingbacks too, obsessed!

  6. Maureen says:

    Hmm strange timing considering how Everlane is being slammed in the news right now…

    • Meghan says:

      Hi Maureen – This work was contracted more than 6 weeks ago. I was unaware of the news you shared at the time my content went live. I know the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone around the world, including many businesses like Everlane. Please feel free to reach out directly to them @everlane or if you have commentary.

  7. Rachel says:

    We are in an unprecedented situation for people and companies. Meghan has always represented herself honestly and clearly researches every company she works with and chooses her partnerships with care. It’s more than unfortunate that Everlane had to furlough so many employees without notice. Should she have to cancel this partnership and experience financial hardship as well? Sounds like one of the ways Everlane hopes to stay open is through online sales. Influencer partnerships help that.

    Micro-assessments of specific companies and specific people is not going to help the people out of work, our healthcare workers or those that are ill. Spend your money where you want to, donate what you can, make the decisions that are right for you. Have compassion for people who are doing their best. Thank you, Meghan!

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