The 6 Best Concealers for Breakouts and Redness

July 14, 2021

Best Concealers for Breakouts & Redness

God bless concealers, am I right? There’s now one for camouflaging essentially any type of skin imperfection and I use my favorites on any active breakouts but also to help minimize redness and cover up any acne scars or hyperpigmentation. 

Read on to learn about my favorite concealers and correctors! If you prefer to watch them in action, check out this video!

When looking for a concealer for breakouts and redness you really have to ensure you get the color correct (we all know what it looks like when you use the wrong shade of foundation – the same goes for concealers!) And also consider a formula that suits your skin type. For example, I have oily-prone skin so I prefer more matte concealers that have a bit more staying power and also help to minimize shine.

If you use the right concealers all the rest of your makeup product is going to go on more flawlessly and will have better staying power.

Best Concealers For Breakouts and Redness

Best Concealers for Breakouts & Redness

Best Concealers for Breakouts & Redness

Erborian CC Red Correct

If my skin is overly sensitized or red, I reach for this correcting cream before I apply any other makeup (and after my AM skincare routine). Erborian’s CC Red Correct comes out green which aids in providing color-correcting pigments that work to adjust to your skin tone once you start blending it in.Skin is less red, more hydrated and skin tone is evened out after application. I use a small pea size amount and apply it wherever I am experiencing redness.

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Have any dark under-eye circles? You need this stuff! I’ve been using it for years and years and not only do I use it on my dark circles before I apply concealer, I also use it on stubborn and hard to cover up pimples before applying concealer, too. 

The formula is really creamy and designed to be waterproof, sweatproof and humidity resistant so it’ll last and really help to smooth out skin without creasing. I use shade Porcelain Bisque.

Lilah B Virtuous Veil Concealer

This matte concealer is my all time favorite. It works for pretty much everything and has the best matte finish. It blends out beautifully, too. I use shade b.Vibrant.

bareMinerals Blemish Rescue

This powder is a wonder-worker. If you need a great concealer for acne, this is it. It covers up those angry skin flare ups better than anything! I apply it with a small brush atop concealer for any imperfections that are stubborn and hard to hide. The powder has 0.5% salicylic acid so while it is covering up your acne, it’s also working to help get rid of it, too! It also has zinc, sulfur and Kaolin clay that mattify and purify pores so it’s doing a lot of good while on your skin. I use shade Fair 1c.

Pat McGrath Blurring Under Eye Setting Powder

If you want your concealer to truly stay put on your dark circles, don’t miss setting it! This weightless powder has a delicate, silky texture and you sweep it on to blur any fine lines while also getting a lifted, more-awake effect. 

. . .

Not shown, but I also like the following creamy concealers for covering up redness and

Tarte SEA Hyroclear Concealer

This is kind of like a tinted moisturizer as it is a little do-it-all-wonder. It’s really hydrating so it is great if you have drier skin. I love that you can blend it out really well under your eyes and its full coverage formula will cover up dark circles while also brightening your under eye area. It was designed to be buildable and I use this brush to apply it under my eyes.

It’s oil-free, sweatproof and waterproof so it’s particularly great for coverage in the summer. I use shade 14B.

Kosas Revealer Concealer

When I need more coverage, I reach for this concealer as it is a bit more highly pigmented than my others and therefore heavier than my most used concealers. It’s super creamy and you can use it under eyes, on any redness and to cover up any blemishes. I find it works particularly well on acne scars.

Want to set all that hard work? The Ilia Soft Focus Finishing Powder is my go-to for setting my makeup. I use shade 01.

How to Choose the Right Concealer

Finding a concealer can be tricky but here are my best tips to find some favorites!

Test it in natural light

Don’t rely on store lights as they are often misleading. Swatch on your skin and then head outside and look in a mirror to see how the color actually looks on your skin.

Consider texture

As mentioned, if you have oily skin, you’ll want a concealer that helps mattify so look for formulas with clay or dry more matte. So as you select a concealer, consider your skin type.

Mix them up

I have a variety of concealers because often just one doesn’t do the trick. Depending on how my skin is acting, I’ll use one type under my eyes, one on acne break outs and one on redness.

Consider the season

Skin tones often change season to season thanks to sun exposure in the summer and lack of exposure in the Winter. You’ll want to have more than one shade of your favorite concealer on hand for winter use vs. summer use to adjust for tonal changes in your skin.

Find a Fragrance Free formula

If your skin is sensitive to fragrance, be sure you’re using a concealer without any fragrance. Some concealers have fragrance that can irritate your skin.

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