How I’m Taking Better Care of My Hair This Year

February 18, 2021

Better Hair Health I Nexxus at Target

The pandemic of course wreaked havoc in so many on our lives beginning last year and my body is still feeling the toll as it continues. One of the most recent side effects has been my hair. It’s been feeling weak, it’s been falling out and my scalp started acting up having inflammation issues last summer as well. 

Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection

For all the work I do on my skincare (I’m religious with my AM and PM routines!) – I often let my hair care fall by the wayside. It’s always been “ok” but it absolutely had room for improvement. 

How I’m Taking Better Care of My Hair This Year

As I get older I am realizing that scalp health also = skin health and that I need to be better about using product to protect and enhance my hair. (I often skip product in wet hair as I’ll let my hair air dry and then just style it in the morning). 

I’ve used Nexxus products on and off for years now (I love their Diameters Shampoo + Conditioner and included it in this post) so I was really excited when Target reached out about a collaboration with Nexxus. Nexxus is a favorite salon brand of mine and I love that the products are easily available via Target stores and I’ve actually gone to the Nexxus salon in Tribeca on numerous occasions as well (they are the ones who took me back to my natural color in 2019!) So when the brand asked me to try their newest styling line at Target that’s part of Target’s “Target Clean” program I was game. After testing it for a few days I wrote back “I’m in love – sign me up for this collaboration!”

I couldn’t believe how much healthier my hair looked and acted after using the new Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection. I haven’t had my hair cut or colored since August due to the pandemic so products that make it look like it has been maintained – yep, give ‘em to me. 

Better Hair Health I Nexxus at Target

The Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection is composed of four products intended to fortify your hair with protein. The Weightless Styling Collection uses a ProteinLock system that preserves and protects hair’s natural proteins while providing long-lasting styles. (My day 2 hair is *great* after I’ve used this line when styling!)

As you age your hair loses it strength and given I’m in my mid-30s I can attest to the fact that I have lost strength and volume in recent years. My hair is thinner, less shiny and falls out much too easily these days. So I love that this line works to actually give me back some of what I’m losing as I age. And because the line is weightless – it doesn’t add any heaviness to your hair that can make finer hair – like mine has become – look weighed down and sometimes greasy. 

Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection

I fell totally in love with the Nexxus Weightless Hold Ultra Fine Hair Spray – it’s now holy grail status for me. My hair often falls within a few hours of being curled but this spray left them intact for nearly 12 hours! But what I love even more is that it has the benefits of 2 products – the hold of a hairspray and the texturizing properties of your favorite dry texture spray. It’s super lightweight which I love and it dries quickly along with being a-ok to use on color treated hair like mine. 

Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection

I often skip hairspray all together as I don’t love the stickiness or the weight it can often add to hair – instead opting for an anti-humidity spray with some hold. But now I’ll be reaching for this spray whenever I’m going to set my curls. (Curious how I curl my hair? Watch this video!)

Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection

I am also so glad the line includes a heat protectant as not using one is a hair sin I’ve committed for years. And now I don’t think I can afford to keep damaging my hair when I curl it 1-2 x per week. The Nexxus Weightless Style Prep & Protect Leave-In Hair Spray is a quick step that’s making my hair feel so much better. I also love that it has a formula designed to help detangle as well so you can easily comb out hair following application + then be ready to blow dry.

Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection

The Nexxus Weightless Style Smooth & Full Blow Dry Balm Volumizing Hair Cream is also so great and made my hair so smooth! It helped get rid of all my pesky flyaways from new growth and made my style last longer. I applied a small dab of it to my wet hair, followed it by the Prep & Protect Leave-In spray and then blow dried. I love that it boosts volume which my thinning hair desperately needs.

Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection

The final product in the line is the Nexxus Weightless Style Shape & Define Multi Styler Hair Cream which is perfect for when you want to go the extra mile and give yourself a proper at-home blowout. It adds shape and texture while also giving a soft hold on days you don’t want to do any styling past your blow dry.

Better yet? All the products in the line are just $9.99 at Target

Other ways I’m taking care of my hair health this year:

Skincare Pillowcase

I’ve started sleeping one one to benefit my hair.  I love this one because it features two different fabrics on either side – depending on what your hair & skin need week to week. (Psst: code MEGHAN20 will get you 20% off!)

Hair Supplements

I’m trying several supplements to see how if they can help me build back some of my lost volume. A lot of the most popular ones on the market feature ashwaganda unfortunately which I can’t take as it can interfere with the thyroid medication I’m on. But I sourced some others and am testing them out.

Better Hair Health I Hair Brushing


Would you believe I never brushed my hair regularly? I finally invested in this brush (I got the pocket size and it works just great and is less expensive) and I am committed to using it. Brushing helps your hair deliver a natural shine, can stimulate your scalp by distributing its natural oils and brushing can lead to less breakage and damage. I’m overdue for this habit!

Cold Rinse

I’m always amazed how much better my hair blow dries after finishing rinsing it with a cold rinse. It seals the cuticle meaning hair is smoother and less frizzy. It also makes your hair look shiny. 

Hair Masks

I do these from time to time but not as religiously as I apply masks to my face. This year I want to commit to doing one hair mask a week to further help strengthen my hair and restore shine and fight frizz. I am going to try this one from Nexxus. (Look at all those good reviews!)

Silk Hair Ties

When the pandemic started I switched over to using silk hair ties exclusively as they are far less damaging to your hair than traditional hair ties. I am hooked!

. . .

I’m hopeful 2021 becomes the year my hair becomes healthier and I’m so excited for you guys to try this new Nexxus line. You can shop the whole collection at or in Target stories now! I fell in love and think you will, too! Do let me know if you give it a try.

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Thanks so much to Target and Nexxus for sponsoring this post! All opinions are always my own and I appreciate you supporting the brands that support wit & whimsy!

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  1. Melanie says:

    Your hair looks amazing! Will definitely be checking this line out and recommending to my mom as well – she has really fine hair so she needs weightless!

  2. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait to try this line!

  3. Melanie says:

    Oooh – that hair spray sounds like just what I need! Can’t wait to try it.

  4. Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. Your hair is so pretty! I use Redken One United but am beyond happy to cut costs and try a couple of these products! Thanks for the extra tips too such as rinsing with cold water.

  5. Sabrina says:

    YOU GOT THE HAIRBRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know it was on your wish list like a year ago.
    Mini review coming? How you selected the bristles? the colour? the pocket size!? are you using it every day?

    Mine was a gift at 13 and I remember learning how this was a hairbrush that not only lasts a lifetime but also can be passed on. I can’t wait for the day I can go back to London and buy a new one from Harrod’s

  6. Ria says:

    Hi Meghan: I am in the same boat. Losing a ton of hair over the last year and I have tried Nexxus and it did nothing. Thankfully I have a great dermatologist (NYC has no shortage of derms) and she said its a case of Telugen Effluvium. It might be a good idea to see a derm if you aren’t already as they can have your bloodwork done and prescribe topicals (minoxidil) which are significantly more likely to help than OTC products. Xx

    • Meghan says:

      Thanks, Ria! It’s indeed on my list of things to discuss next time I go to the derm! I think my thyroid levels are off too and that that’s contributing!

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