Brighten Up (Ways to Improve a Bad Day)

June 7, 2018

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The past few months have been filled with a lot of stress and I’ve basically been counting down to this coming weekend when I will feel like I have gotten through a lot of the madness and can take a beat to just relax and breathe. (Anyone else experiencing this in their life!?) It’s had me thinking a lot about self care and how to brighten up days that may not be the best.

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dr. brandt bright biotic review

Summer Dress I wit & whimsy

dr. brandt bright biotic review

Today in partnership with dr. brandt I’m sharing eight ways you can turn around any sort of bad day.

  • Power down early. When you’ve had a bad day, you want it to be over. But, if you’re like me, all too often you’re on your phone or laptop till you practically close your eyes for the night over stimulating yourself. And we all know that sometimes the addictive Instagram has a way of making you feel all the FOMO or inferiority which isn’t great right before you try and fall asleep! So one of the best things I do for myself is put my phone away and read before I attempt sleeping instead of scrolling endlessly on my phone. My mind is more calm as a result and I’m not getting distracted by emails or social media.
  • Take a hot shower or a bath. There’s something so relaxing about a hot shower or a long bath. Use your favorite products and do some deep breathing exercises. I love to breathe deeply through my nose and then let out long sighs through my mouth as a way of calming my nervous system amidst the steam.
  • Take a walk. Nothing makes me feel more productive than a brisk walk. I start to think more clearly and often get good ideas making it a great tool for thinking more productively or doing any problem solving needed. On my walks I also like to listen to podcasts on occasion or I may leave my phone at home! Dependent on my mood I determine what’s right.
  • Phone a friend. Any bad day can instantly be turned around with a phone call to a good friend in my opinion.
  • Address something that’s been on your to-do list. I’m someone that lives and dies by my to-do list. Truly there’s no better sense of satisfaction for me than when I tick something off that list on my iPhone. What I began addressing of recent? The new dark spots I’ve had creep up on my hairline and my chin. An esthetician recently told me I had hyperpigmentation so I took to it with dr. brandt’s new Bright Biotic serum which helps to minimize the look of dark spots. Better yet, it also helps to brighten and even skin tone so it looks healthier and less dull (a 1-2 punch if you will!) Like skin superfood, It has such a lovely texture and absorbs quickly so it’s been a pretty seamless addition to my skincare routine. Already the spots on my chin in particular are less noticeable and require less concealer in the A.M. (Thank god.)
  • Buy yourself flowers. A dose of blooms is always a great way to brighten a bad day in my opinion so you better believe my apartment is currently filled with loads of peonies. They smell amazing and lift my spirits the moment I walk in the door.
  • LIght some candles. Bad days can seem to drag on so wind them down by lighting some favorite candles (and pouring yourself a glass of wine is probably a good idea, too ;)).
  • Identify 3 good things. My mom taught me this back in high school but even on the days where everything seems to be going wrong or problems seem to be snowballing, you can always find three good things that happened. They can be the smallest thing ever but before you close your eyes for the day think back and find those three good things. I promise they’ll make the whole day feel a bit less awful.

Do you guys have tried and true ways to brighten up a bad day? I’d love to hear how you handle them!

p.s. my favorite face masks & my 2018 goals.

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Thanks so much to dr. brandt for partnering on this post. Thank you all for supporting the brands I love working with!

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  1. Cassie says:

    I like to check out animaldoingthings on Instagram – a few minutes of silly animals makes me laugh or at least chuckle and that lighten things up fast : )

    • Meghan says:

      YES to this! My brothers send me so many of these via Instagram and they are indeed great for a laugh – thank you for sharing it!

  2. I love this list so much! A cup of tea, an old rom com or episode of something funny, cuddles with my cat, and a little pampering always do the trick (and trying to get to sleep early, even though that sometimes seems impossible when I’m run off my feet).

    Also going to try this Dr Brandt range ASAP; thanks for the heads up!

    Briony xx

    • Meghan says:

      ooo yes a cup of tea does wonders! And I’m adding Rom Coms or an episode of FRIENDS to my rotation – thank you for the tips! And yes, try dr. brandt- I love their line so much!

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