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“Meghan is my favorite follow on Instagram and one of the only blogs that I bookmark. I value her honest reviews and opinions, and it helps that I love her style. I know she does her research before sharing brands, products, etc. But more importantly, I trust her. She’s a rare genuine presence online who treats her followers like friends.”

“Meghan is my favorite to follow on Instagram.”

“Meghan has a fresh perspective and constantly inspires me. Her content is different than everyone else on the internet in the best way. She is authentic, and it really shows. She has great style and I especially love her beauty recommendations.”

“Meghan has a fresh perspective and inspires.”

“I follow Meghan because of her genuine, unfiltered posts about life. She’s the most real and inspirational blogger I follow and I really trust her recommendations. I’ve never been disappointed when I bought something at her recommendation.”

“I’ve never been disappointed by her recommendations.”

“I have found Meghan's content to be an absolute delight. She is a talented, thoughtful writer and produces beautiful photos. I love her skincare recommendations, her fashion recommendations, and her posts about town in NYC. I trust her recommendations and truly enjoy reading her posts every day.”

“Her content is an absolute delight.”

“Every time I have emailed with a question, her response has been prompt and precise. I think she is incredibly easy to relate to, and doesn’t bombard readers with a lifestyle that is so far out of reach and attainable for most. I identify with her sense of style and appreciate her honest content. I know when she posts something she likes, it’s an opinion I can trust.”

“She is incredibly easy to relate to.”

“My favorite thing about Meghan is that she is relatable and authentic. If she recommends an item or product, I don’t think twice about getting it if it’s something I’m in the market for. She takes the time to engage with her followers and her posts are well thought out and usually very helpful.”

“Meghan is relatable and authentic.”

“I’ve been following Meghan’s blog for many years now. It’s one of the few that I still read daily. She creates high quality content. Meghan does not make her readers feel as if she is selling us a product. She is not the type of blogger who “OMG loves” a product one day and never mentions it again. I have purchased several items she has recommended and they did not disappoint. She is breath of fresh air in the influencer world.”

“A breathe of fresh air.”

“In my opinion, Meghan is the most relatable blogger out there right now. I always read what Meghan writes and look forward to her new posts every day. Love that she’s consistent with her content and so responsive to her followers. She feels like a friend!”

“Meghan is the most relatable blogger out there.”

“Meghan sets herself apart by being genuine and personable, which is no easy feat through Instagram. She carries herself with intelligence and poise, and has piqued my interest time and time again through her honest reviews, partnerships and overall content. It is not easy for me to find bloggers who I truly would listen to, but Meghan is certainly one of them.”

“Meghan is genuine and personable.”

“I love Meghan’s sincere and genuine point of view. Her content topics vary but I always feel she exhibits integrity. Her blog feels real and not just inauthentic sponsorships.”

“Sincere and genuine - she exhibits integrity.”

“Meghan is so authentic! I normally hate that word, but for her it truly applies. She is genuine in her communication with readers and her passions for travel, NYC and Paris all come through. I know that I’m getting honest opinions from Meghan and her blog makes it seem like you are chatting with a friend.”

“I know that I’m getting honest opinions.”

“Short answer: I just adore her. Maybe it’s her transparency or her attitude but I never feel like she’s trying to hawk anything. So many other influencers make content just to have content. Meghan’s content feels special and curated- words I would use to describe how I want my feed (and life!) to be.”

“Her content feels special and curated.”

“I know I can always trust her. Everything she has recommended that I have bought have turned into my favorite products I use. Her taste is impeccable and her standards are high! I know when I buy something she recommends, I will not be disappointed.”

“Her taste is impeccable and her standards are high!”

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