Current Amazon Home Favorites

July 7, 2022

Amazon Home Favorites

Amazon is one of my go-tos for discovering great products for use in my home and today I’m sharing the items I’m using the most and loving of late in my apartment. A lot of these have been in rotation for me for years but also some are newer additions and discoveries. Read on to get my current Amazon Home Favorites!

Amazon Home Favorites

1. Nespresso Vertuoline Machine

I have had my Nespresso machine for over seven years and I love it just as much as they day I got it. I use it every morning and relish my morning routine that involves one button. My favorite flavors are Mexico and Melozio but I also brew myself half-calf espressos for lattes on the weekend or do a decaf on weekends when I want my coffee ritual without caffeine.

2. Milk Frother

This handy milk frother works so fast and so well! It’s a super affordable kitchen gadget that can make you your own barista in a snap. Froth milk cold or hot and add it to your favorite coffee drink.

3. Duralex Stacking Bowls

These were one of my favorite purchases of last year. They make prepping for cooking so easily and the quality is great.

4. The Bed Tucker

My new bed isn’t on a box spring so I realized quickly it was a pain to make until I remembered hearing about this handy piece of plastic. And WOW. It makes tucking in my top sheet and linen quilt every morning a snap! No more pinched fingers or trying to hoist my mattress to make my bed. Obsessed is an understatement.

5. Meal Prep & Leftover Glass Containers

Buy.these.containers. They are so great! I love how they stack for tidy storage and they are my go-tos for all my leftovers (see them in action here!) I truly couldn’t love them more.

6. Finish Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner

When I moved into my new place I inherited a rather old and uncared for dishwasher. After trying a variety of methods to make it stop smelling, I bought this and was amazed at how well it worked. It’s a one time use that you put in your dishwasher and run it on empty and it gets rid of odor and limescale and grease build up. Genius!

7. Stackable Drawers

Adding these to my beauty closet made everything look so neat and tidy! I love that the drawers easily stack and that it gives things in my closet a home that’s easy to maintain some order.

8.The Pink Stuff Household Cleaner

I adore this cleaner. I’ve gone through half a bottle in mere months because it makes cleaning my kitchen counters a snap! I now understand why it is the #1 cleaning product sold through Amazon!

9. Hey Dewy Personal Humidifier

I love the benefits of a humidifier but have never wanted to take up precious real estate with a traditional kind. So I finally bought this handy little wireless and personalized size one from HeyDewy and it is brilliant. It’s small enough to sit on my nightstand and it runs for eight hours quietly. My skin looks and feels better after I have it on.

10. Mini Box Cutter

I use this handy cutter every day and with every use I think “why on earth didn’t I buy this sooner!?” It makes opening packages a snap and breaking down boxes so much faster.

11. Citrus Juicer

Juice lemons and limes in no time for cooking and cocktail making. This one is great quality and I can see why it is top rated.

12. Stackable Drawer Organizer

I have these in various shapes and sizes in nearly every drawer in my house! They make finding things so easy and now there are no drawers I open and instantly cringe. Goodbye junk drawers! Truly these change the game.

13. 20oz Drinking Glasses

I adore these large drinking glasses. I use them for water, for green juice and for iced lattes.

14. Laundress Fabric Fresh

I love spraying this in each room in my house and on my couch and chairs to make my home smell like fresh laundry.

15. Laundress Signature Detergent

My go-to for over six years. It’s amazing! I love how it smells so much and that it is free of typical detergent chemicals.

16. Laundress Darks Detergent

This perfect cleaner for all my workout clothes and dark tees, jeans and more.

. . .

Shop even more of my Home Favorites. What home products did you discover on Amazon that you love?


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