Neat Method Review

October 27, 2020

Neat Method Closet Review

I have always loved organizing in my home but New York apartments also take the need for organizational expertise to a whole new level. When you live in a New York studio apartment you need to ensure every single inch of your space is maximized. And for me – that especially rings true for my closets. When I recently moved apartments, I worked with Neat Method to experience their professional organizational skills first hand.

Neat Method Review: What Is Neat Method?

Neat Method is the largest luxury home organizing company with professional organizers across the US and Canada. They provide customized storage solutions for just about any space you need made less chaotic and more functional.

Neat Method handles home organization, moving and re-locating and virtual organization for their clientele and they have a network that spans just about anywhere you’re located here in the States. While I always enjoy the challenge presented by limited storage space, what I loved about working with Neat Method was that my organizer Corrin brought so many solutions I had never thought of before to my space look neat yet also be functional for my personal needs and habits.

Neat Method Closet Review

Even if you are the neatest of people, I think we can all recognize and appreciate that life gets hectic and sometimes calling in professionals is in our best interest. The relief I felt of having a pro offer new ideas on how to make my closet as functional as possible was overwhelming.

After you do an initial consultation with your professional organizer, the Neat Method will design a customized solution for the space you’re working on. Corrin worked with some of the storage solutions I already owned and then also made recommendations on those my closet could benefit from.

My apartment has two closets that I tackled with the Neat Method.

They are both used for clothing but space remains tight.

Neat Method Closet Review

Neat Method Closet Review

Neat Method Closet Review

Neat Method Closet Review

Neat Method Closet Review

Neat Method Closet Review

Neat Method Closet Review

organizing closets in new york apartments

organizing closets in new york

organizing closets in new york

Neat Method Closet Review

Neat Method Closet Review

I loved so many of the solutions that Corrin proposed not only because they were right for my needs and my lifestyle but also that they were sustainable to upkeep and able to be updated per season. Corrin set me up for success when it comes to maintaining an organized home – something I think everyone can appreciate. I also really liked that the Neat Method’s style of organizing is very refined (unlike The Home Edit who makes everything bright + color coordinated as that’s not my personal taste!) I think the style is well reflected in the new collection of products they recently released (I have several of their items book marked for my kitchen in fact!)

Corin had a real eye for detail and she asked thoughtful questions throughout the process. She came so prepared with solutions at the ready to install day-of and gave me some helpful follow ups to implement should I want them (labeling my shoe types, etc.)

How Much Does The Neat Method Cost?

The Neat Method costs vary depending on the scope of your project. You’ll be given a project estimate based on the number of hours expected following a virtual or in-home consultation. 


Neat Method Tips For Organizing Your Closet


Get the right hangers.
The Neat Method recommends switching out to all matching hangers for your clothing. And for heavier items like coats, be sure to use sturdier hangers like these wood hangers. (I have since swapped out all my coats to be on these wooden hangers and it made a big difference! No more snapping hangers when trying to get coats in or out of the closet!)
Use your hangers properly.
Be sure to organize your clothing by hanging one item per hanger. And avoid using the ‘cascade’ feature on hangers as it can create visual clutter. Often doesn’t function that well and can make your closet harder to maintain. 
Have your hangers facing you.
For reach-in closets (like mine) make sure items hanging on hangers are all facing towards you to make it easier for you when you’re ‘shopping’ for your outfit.
Fold your Sweaters and Denim.
While not all closets have the space to allow for it, The Neat Method recommends folding and stacking your sweaters and denim. Try not to stack more than 4 to 5 pieces per stack and to keep the stacks tidy and prevent them from leaning, use shelf dividers. For easier access to the stacks, have a folding step stool handy in your closet.
Organize your closet seasonally.
Keep items in your closet together seasonally with those for the current season most readily available. For example, your coat closet can be arranged in order of lightest jackets to heaviest.
Organize your clothing by type and coordinate by color.
Keep pants together, dresses per season together, blazers together, etc. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for or to outfit plan.
Organize your shoe boxes by type of shoe.
This tip was an eye opener for me! For shoes kept in boxes, stack them up by type of shoe (sneaker, sandals, pumps, booties, etc.) so that it’s easier to see all your options when finishing your outfit. One better? Label each box by type so it’s easy to maintain. Create the labels with a label maker so that they all appear consistent.
Don’t store your handbags and clutches in dustbags.
Out of sight- out of mind! The Neat Method recommends keeping your bags and clutches out in the open so you can see what’s in your collection. If you can see your options, you’re more likely to actually use them. Stand them up on a shelf and keep any from falling over with shelf dividers or purse pillows. As someone who previously used to keep my bags all in their dusters, this was a life changing tip for me! I use all my bags way more often now. And love knowing exactly what I have to work with when finalizing an outfit.


Color coordinate.

If you’re in a small space like I am, you can use a coat rack of closet overflow. But instead of just using it for coats (as I used to), instead treat the coat rack like what you may see in an upscale boutique. Make selects from your closet in the same color range and add them to the coat rack so it is more visually appealing. 

Use baskets to keep Similar things together.

I have limited shelf space and my closets don’t accommodate over the door shoe organizers as I’ve used in the past, so instead The Neat Method utilized baskets to keep similar items like sneakers or hats together and available for easy access.

. . .

Have you ever worked with a professional organizer? Will you try The Neat Method?



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Disclosure: My Neat Method experience was provided gratis in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Melanie says:

    I love this! I follow Neat Method on IG and was so excited to see you were working with them – they have the best solutions for small spaces! Love the idea of displaying your bags – I need to go through and purge some of mine so I can actually display and use the ones I love!

    • Meghan says:

      Right!? It was SUCH a big change for me and I absolutely love being able to see them all now! I really do love that they have organizers who specialize in and love to work with small spaces!

  2. Libby says:

    organizing really #sparksjoy for me, ahah but I should do a big closet purge first!! Can’t wait to see your finished apartment, Meghan!!


  3. Cynthia says:

    Nice tips! I just splurged on all matching hangers and it’s made such a difference

  4. Nora says:

    BRAVO Meghan! This looks absolutely fantastic! I honestly could stare at your organized closet all day – it makes my brain so happy 🙂 Glad you are getting settled in your new place!

  5. Shannon says:

    Basket for the sandals! I need to do this.

  6. Alissa Roys says:

    Your closet looks great! I was wondering what size baskets you used to hold your sandals and tennis shoes? I would like to purchase some from the Container Store to do the same thing.

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