Everlane Alpaca Sweater Review

February 28, 2019

Everlane Alpaca Sweater Review I wit & whimsy

Sound the alarm, I’m wearing color! As you guys know I tend to sway towards gray/black/ivory when it comes to my sweater collection but when eyeing this sweater, I just loved the sweet and soft pink shade.

Everlane Alpaca Sweater Review I wit & whimsy

Everlane Alpaca Sweater

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Everlane Alpaca Sweater Review I wit & whimsy

Everlane Alpaca Sweater Review

I shop at Everlane throughout the year – it is truly one of my favorite brands – but my favorite time to shop there is definitely during sweater season. I absolutely love their classic yet stylish sweater offerings. This Alpaca Crew was such a good launch from them this winter and I love that this sweater is under $100 and available in several colors. I’m wearing it in my usual Medium and I love that it has a slightly oversize fit making it cozy and comfortable. I also really like the thicker crew neck detail. This sweater – like most alpaca – does shed some so you’ll need to have a lint roller handy if you plan to layer it but it’s nothing that’s overly bothersome.

Other Everlane sweater favorites of mine are this cashmere crew – so cozy and I’ve been opting to wear it on many of my recent flights (I pair it with these leggings and a striped tee), this more fitted cashmere sweatshirt that looks so good tucked into jeans (I sized up to a Large in this style), this $100 plain cashmere crew that’s a great closet staple (the frost donegal color is my favorite and I love layering it under my leather jacket) and this cotton crew sweater I have in navy.

Also you guys, I have to share a practice I’ve adopted recently that has totally changed my life!

Living in a studio apartment I have to be fairly tidy at all times but due to a lack of space, things get messy QUICKLY. Particularly after blog shoots when I have pieces of ensembles everywhere or after I’ve opened a lot of packages or unpacked…you get the picture. Anyhow, recently when I’ve been returning home and feeling a bit overwhelmed at the status of things, I have been setting the timer for ten minutes and I spend those next ten minutes doing nothing but tidying. No getting distracted by other things if it doesn’t relate to tidying.

I spend those ten minutes hanging up clothes, emptying the dishwasher, putting things away – you name it. And it has been amazing how much I can accomplish in those 10 minutes! Truly game-changing. One the ten minutes are up, then I can actually relax when I go to sit down and read or watch TV or tackle my inbox. Highly recommend it if you’re trying to live a more tidy lifestyle!

Everlane Alpaca Crew (c/o; wearing a Medium) // Levi’s Jeans (wearing a 27) // Chanel Slingbacks (similar for less) // Clare V Clutch

p.s. all my favorite jeans and reviewing the Everlane Day Boot.

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  1. GF says:

    I love this look! Everything works so well together. Love the pop of your leopard print clutch too! Re tidying, I do something similar — I make myself put away 5 things per day after I get home before settling for the night. It takes about 10 minutes or so, so it seems to be the same as your plan, except I tie my progress to items rather than time. This is as simple as hanging up an item of clothing or two, moving dishes into the sink/dishwasher, etc. It really does make a difference just to do those little things throughout the week to keep more tidy! Thanks for sharing.

    • Meghan says:

      Aw thank you! So appreciate it especially as I rediscovered my love of the leopard clutch following this post! LOVE hearing how you tidy, too! So clever.

  2. Sabrina Matlin says:

    I LOVE Everland. Ethically sourced, very transparent on their manufacturing and cost of the item vs mark up.
    Love the name your price sales!

    Their store is excellent if you ever get a chance to come to SF.

    LOVE the 10 min timer, I JUST started doing that about a week ago.

    I’m super new to your blog (was turned off in general to blogs in the last few years, but your Single while 30 has made me an everyday reader of yours) so I am not sure if you have covered it, but would love more content about living in small spaces (as I live in SF)

    Hope you have a great day!

    • Meghan says:

      You feel me! So much to love about the brand. I adore their NYC store but haven’t yet seen the SF one – one day! I am so glad you found my blog, Sabrina and I’m honored you loved my singles post so much!!

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