Eyeliner tip for sultry, sexy eyes

November 8, 2010

When it comes to doing eyeliner there’s one bad thing to have in the mix: shaky hands. Which sadly I have and this often makes getting eyeliner perfect a tricky job- especially liquid liner. I’ve been taking Benefit’s Magic Ink out on my lids the past several weekends because it’s super long lasting and leaves a high shine effect that’s just a tad sassy, but the other night I decided to test out a new technique and now I have a new favorite way to apply liner for the evening.


1. Apply eyeshadow as you normally would. My tried and tested favorite smoky eye tutorial can be found here.

2. Next reach for Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (a w&w favorite) in black and apply to both top and bottom lids. I prefer to use Stila’s #4 precision eyeliner brush for application over the one provided by Maybelline which is too large to be exactly precise.

3. Next apply liquid liner on your top lids only, tracing slowly over the gel liner. When I’m not using Magic Ink, I go for Stila’s all day liquid liner. For a more dramatic look, you can ‘wing’ the liquid liner out by holding a credit card next to your eye in the position you’d like the liner to ‘wing’ out (be sure to always aim higher than you think you should go so that you ensure the line will be visible when your lids are open) and quickly flick the liner up along the line of the credit card.

Voila! An easy way to amp up your eyes for a night out that is long-lasting, high drama and totally sultry.

Do you have any tried & true eyeliner tips to share?! If so, tell me in Comments! I’m always looking for new ones 🙂

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