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September 23, 2020

The Chic Tweed Jacket I wit & whimsy

Over the past few years stylish, Chanel-inspired jackets have taken up substantial real estate in my closet. So it was a natural fit to highlight the Chic Jacket as the next item in my French Girl Closet Staples series.!

French Girl Black Jeans I wit & whimsy

The Chic Tweed Jacket I wit & whimsy

The Chic Tweed Jacket I wit & whimsy

The Chic Tweed Jacket I wit & whimsy

The Chic Tweed Jacket I wit & whimsy

The Chic Tweed Jacket I wit & whimsy

The chic jacket is the perfect topper to so many outfits I wear regularly and in my opinion it is the best way to dress up jeans. I wear a version of this outfit every time I go to France. Easy, reliable, comfortable and always put together.

I personally look for more structured fabrics like tweed and boucle and thicker cottons when it comes to the styles I like and find most flattering. Oversized fits or jersey like fabrics don’t have the same chic appeal in my opinion. This type of jacket is similar to a blazer but it’s not quite one. While I love wearing mine with jeans, they also top well with black pants, too. I often layer mine over a favorite tee like this one or this one or often over my favorite bodysuit, too as I did in today’s photos.

I found SO many good chic jackets out now and hope you’ll find one from the below that you’re excited about!

The Best Chic Jackets Out Now:

I particularly love this one and will most likely be buying it pronto! This one is also so great and I love the tie on this one. You can see more ways I’ve worn the chic jacket in this post, this post, this post, this post & this post. It truly is a style that’s such a French Girl closet staple for me.

H&M Jacket (8) // Madewell Bodysuit (L) // Agolde Jeans (28) // Chanel Ballet Flats (similar) // Saint Laurent Bag (similar)

p.s. my favorite purchases for Fall so far and things I’ve bought and loved recently.

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10 comments on “French Girl Closet Staples – The Chic Jacket”

  1. Meghan, I’ve been loving this series! This post, in particular, made me so happy. I love tweed jackets because they’re classic and can be dressed up or down. It makes creating both a professional and casual wardrobe more seamless and efficient. Thanks for continuing to create the best content!

  2. I am a fan of jackets like this too! I would LOVE to have a real Chanel one day 🙂

    I feel like you’ll appreciate this… I found a gorgeous vintage jacket at Les Puces in Paris last fall. It’s wool with the chain in the hem and gold lion head buttons, just like a Chanel and fits me like it was made for me (which is tricky because I’m petite 5 ft with broad shoulders…often jackets are too long in the sleeve or end up too big in the body when I size up for my shoulders). Best part is that I only paid 50 EUR. SCORE!

  3. You have such style, that even someone in the late 60’s…like me 🙂 can be inspired!! I need the confidence you have!!

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