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February 26, 2018

French Girl Style I wit & whimsy

Happy Monday you guys. How was the weekend? Mine was good but I felt so run down / exhausted for much of it. I don’t know if it was carry over from last week being a hard week or if maybe I’m coming down with something but I kept feeling like I needed a nap! That aside however, I still managed to try a new-to-me restaurant in my neighborhood, do a Rumble class, an Inscape class and have dinner with my brother. And today? Today’s outfit is inspired by tonight being my last French class!

French Girl Style I wit & whimsy

As many of you have read or seen, I decided to take French refresher classes at the onset of the year. It was a decision I had been considering for years but I finally bit the bullet and made the commitment to spend two hours every Monday evening dusting off my French minor. I began French classes back in fourth grade and continued up until my senior year of college but sadly have spent the better part of the last decade not speaking it. It has always broken my heart a bit and while I love when I go back to France that I can carry on in conversation enough to get me by, I kept wanting to improve my skills again. I enrolled at Coucou in a Level 3 class and have had such fun the past eight weeks being a student again, practicing my accent, meeting new people, re-learning the various past tenses and yes, I even had fun doing my weekly homework assignments!

French Girl Style I wit & whimsy

I’ve spoken about this many a time before, but a part of me feels like I was born in France in another life. There’s something about that country…their history, the culture, the food and the traditions…it is all so enthralling and so romantic to me and I can’t seem to get enough. Paris, in particular, has a way of making me feel more alive, more energized and more inspired.

French Girl Style I wit & whimsy

The best part about the French lessons though? Using my brain in a different capacity! It had been a long time since I pursued a new skill or “studied” anything and it has felt good to dedicate a piece of every week to doing something that isn’t work related. It felt so freeing, so refreshing and ended up a welcomed weekly challenge for me. As I mentioned in this post, I really wanted this year to be more about self development.

French Girl Style I wit & whimsy

I’ll admit that I found myself laughing a bit in the first class because it had been over ten years since I had been a student in a classroom! I had forgotten what it felt like. But I have to say that doing a course without grades and on my own accord made the whole experience more enjoyable and I found myself looking forward to every Monday evening when I would head into Soho for my class.

French Girl Style I wit & whimsy

I was debating whether to continue on with Level 4 but given my upcoming travel schedule I think I am going to hold off until perhaps summer or for before my next trip to Paris which is still TBD in regards to timing this year. Until that trip though, you can find me trotting in my neighborhood with this beret that I had to have. While you rarely see a beret in Paris these days, I love that they made a comeback in fashion this year.  I feel like I’m personally on a never-ending quest to dress like a Parisian cool girl so I rounded up some pieces below I spotted that would give you that coveted je ne sais quoi kinda look. Classic, simple & feminine pieces you can wear again and again.

French Girl Style I wit & whimsy

Any fellow francophiles out there!? Hope you enjoyed today’s post and have a great start to your week!

Sweater (only $29! And so, so soft) // Jeans // Boots // Beret // Bag

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  1. Jess says:

    Love this look, and I love hearing what a great time you had picking French back up!

    xo Jess

  2. Merritt Beck says:

    Great off the shoulder sweater! You look so Parisian!
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

  3. Carolyn says:

    adorable beret! they’re so classic yet they’ve been making a comeback lately!

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