Gift Ideas for the Frequent Traveler

December 12, 2018

Gift Ideas for the Frequent Traveler I wit & whimsyYou guys know by now that I have a major case of wanderlust and one of my favorite ways to spend my time is exploring new places. I’ve honed my travel essentials and always enjoy when someone gets me a thoughtful gift related to being on the road. With more and more people spending time traveling, this year I wanted to do a gift guide dedicated to those who love to be seeing the world.

  1. Alpaca Wrap: This is a great luxury gift for someone special. I wear it on every single plane because I’m always cold. It’s part wrap / part blanket for me on the plane. I don’t get on a plane without it.
  2. Sleep Set: While I live for my Eberjey pajamas, these Cuyana ones are thinner making them easier to pack. I have the short set and they are so soft and just get cozier with time. The cotton is super high quality.
  3. Cuyana Duo of Travel Cases: Longtime readers know I have these and swear by them. I put my cosmetics in the large and medicine in the smaller one for every single trip.
  4. Airbnb Gift Card: If your frequent traveler loves to stay in Airbnbs then a gift card to the service will come in very handy.
  5. Allbirds Sneakers: Said to be the world’s most comfortable sneaker, these look ideal for any traveler who spends a lot of time on their feet.
  6. Clarity Clutch: I swear by these TSA-approved clarity clutches to carry my toiletries. They fit a surprising amount!
  7. Luggage Tag: I think a personalized luggage tag is one of the nicest gifts to give and receive. With so many suitcases looking alike this is a chic way to take out the guesswork for your favorite traveler.
  8. Zipper Leather Pouch: I use this tote for all my small essentials when I travel and for every day. It is nice and roomy so I often pack some extra makeup, my sleep mask, earplugs, earphones, an essential oil, lip balm and other items in here.
  9. Mobile Hotspot: I became obsessed with having a mobile hotspot on my most recent trip to Paris and kept thinking “why didn’t I get one of these sooner?!” You can have wifi in an instant and generally purchasing the data is pretty cheap. 7 days in France cost me $9.
  10. Personalized Passport Case: Want your passport case to be personalized? Order this one with your favorite traveler’s name on it. So chic!
  11. Tote Organization Insert: For the organized traveler, you’ll get a gold medal when you gift them this organizational insert for their favorite tote. They keep selling out so you know they’re good!
  12. mophie Powerstation: I live for this Powerstation that fuels up my iPhone oh-so-quickly when it needs some juice. In addition to using this when I travel, I carry it around for long work days when I don’t want to have to worry about finding an outlet.
  13. How to Pack Book: Even the most frequent of travelers may learn a trick or two from this book when it comes to preparing for the road.
  14. Everlane Day Tote: Upgrade your traveler’s tote with this gorgeous + sleek one that’ll easily fit a laptop plus a bunch of other carry-on essentials.
  15. Photo Album: This sleek photo album is the perfect gift for a traveler so they can properly remember their travels.
  16. Altitude Oil: I’m a huge fan of essential oils and love the sound of this one that combines Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon Myrtle. Your frequent traveler can use it to ease congestion on long-haul flights.
  17. Carry On Moscow Mule Kit: I love these little carry on cocktail kits. Such a cute stocking stuffer for the person always up in the air.
  18. Collapsible Water Bottle: How brilliant is this water bottle? Collapse it down when not filled so you’re not taking up as much space. Now this would make me actually hydrate more when on the road! Such a handy + affordable gift for a traveler.
  19. Digital Luggage Scale: Avoid the luggage limit question mark and gift your favorite traveler this digital luggage scale they can use in advance of each trip.
  20. Smart International Charger: This handy charger  has four USB ports and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, smartphones, tablets and Type-C devices.
  21. CalPak Packing Cubes: Packing cubes can be a game changer for the frequent traveler.
  22. Lip Balm: This handy lip balm offers a nice sheer tint and is perfectly pocket sized. In a pinch, the traveler could even use it on the cheeks, too. Pop it in their stocking!
  23. Multi-masking Travel Set: Is your favorite beauty lover always on the go? Get them this handy set of masks they can use in-flight or during their next hotel stay. Comes with both face masks, eye masks and a lip mask!
  24. Passport Case: For the traveler who likes to be organized and chic, get them this beautiful passport case.
  25. Slip Silk Eye Mask: You guys know by now I think this is the best eye mask out there. Every frequent traveler should have it in my opinion.

p.s. gifts from small businesses and gift ideas for your in-laws and parents.

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  1. Libby says:

    These are great! I have become a frequent traveler since moving out to the East coast this summer. I think I need a lot of these things!! Especially the carry on cocktail kit! That would make my flights back and forth to MN perfect! 🙂

    xoxo Libby

  2. Kate Scott says:

    I’ve never been sold on Allbirds until I saw this style, so cute!

  3. Hitha says:

    Thank you so much for including my book in this list! I highly endorse each and every one of these items 🙂

  4. Just bought the how to pack book! Thanks for the suggestions!

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