Gift Ideas for your BFF

November 14, 2018

Gift Ideas for your BFF I wit & whimsy

Every year I look forward to finding the perfect gift for my BFF which is why this is always one of my favorite gift guides to put together! Do you know what you’re buying your BFF this year? If not I hope this week’s gift guide provides you some inspiration! You can find even more gift ideas for your best friends here & here, too!

Gift Ideas for your BFF

Jewelry Case:

This jewelry case doubles as chic storage and is pretty enough to be left out as decor when not tucked in a suitcase. I love gifts like this because they aren’t things you’d buy for yourself but you love getting!

Ultra Fine Gold Band:

My BFF and I often gift jewelry as it is a lovely way to be with your BFF even when you live far apart (in our case.) You could buy your BFF one of these beautiful, wear-it-everyday gold bands and one for yourself for a modern update to friendship jewelry.

Cuyana Belt:

Is your BFF into fashion? This belt instantly elevates any outfit. Cuyana comes in beautiful packaging so it’s perfect for gifting.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Book:

How gorgeous is this book? I adore Audrey Hepburn in the movie and think this perfectly mint book would be darling on any BFF’s bookshelf.


I don’t know a single person who doesn’t need a few more photo frames for all the photos we’re all constantly taking. Framebridge will allow your BFF to send photos in and select the frames and have everything arrive beautifully framed. I love this service!

Ice Roller:

Does your BFF love a beauty ritual? She needs an Ice Roller! You can read more about it in this post.

Drunk Elephant BabyFacial:

The amount of messages I get about this product is more than any other beauty product. “Is it worth it” you guys + my friends ask. I always say YES! And then people buy it and weeks later I get “ok, you were right. BabyFacial is AMAZING!” Give your BFF this mask that they are sure to love. And hey, their skin will benefit, too!

Personalized Candle:

How cool are these personalized candles by Brooklyn Candle Studio? You choose the fragrance and then they’ll print your BFF’s name on the label! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift.

Initial Coaster:

I think coasters make a great gift and these initial ones are great for a budget-friendly gift at just $10 a piece. You could get the initials for your BFF and perhaps her SO or her roommates’ initials, too would be a thoughtful touch!

Cheeky Mug:

If you and your friend are setting a budget limit for gifting, this mug is only $18 and I think so hilarious. Perfect for a cute Instagram or for when, heck, your friend has had A DAY and really truly does need a mug of wine.

Amazon Prime:

I truly feel embarrassed that I didn’t have Amazon Prime until January of this year – it is a GAME changer. If your BFF doesn’t have it yet then it makes an awesome gift they can enjoy month after month.

AMC Stubs:

Is your BFF a movie buff? Get them a membership to AMC Stubs and they can see up to 3 movies a week! I particularly love doing this starting in January when all the Oscar contenders will start to hit theaters. See also: Winter and indoor programming being a necessity.

Latte Bowls:

I love these bowls and think they make a chic but practical gift. They are great for cereal, soup and yes of course, lattes.


Any friend of mine would be happy with the gift of wine and in putting together these gift guides I discovered VineBox which I think makes such a fun gift. Alcohol that comes in super cute packaging that you can enjoy for months on end? Yes, please!

Leather Tassel Keychain Holder:

Friend always having trouble finding their keys? This will solve that problem! I got this for Christmas last year and because of the tassels I can now always find my keys easily – even when they’ve drifted to the bottom of my bag! Even better? You can personalize it with your BFF’s initial for a thoughtful touch.

Chanel Three Book Set:

I own this set and love it as a decorative item next to my jewelry. It’s a gift that feels really luxe but is under $100.

Oribe Home Incense:

If you’ve ever used an Oribe hair product you know this brand knows good smells and their new home incense is just as lovely and luxurious. I recently tested it and it is such a nice and cozy scent to fill your home during cold days.

Framed Gold Foil Map:

Does your BFF have hometown pride? You can frame it for them! I have one of these gold foil maps framed and hanging above my desk in a little gallery wall and think it would make a beautiful gift to frame your friend’s neighborhood or hometown or even their favorite place to visit.

Leather Cardholder:

Half my friends use a cardholder and half of theirs look like they could use an upgrade. This one comes in several colors and is such high quality.

Pink Carry-All Pouch:

How beautiful is this leather pouch? It’s perfect to pop into your BFF’s work tote or to carry important items when traveling. The Daily Edited also does the chicest monogramming I think.

p.s. gift ideas from small businesses and what’s making me happy right now.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Love all of these ideas! I didn’t know about AMC Stubs, I have used MoviePass but I’ll have to look into it! Also I need that pouch for myself, LOL

  2. GF says:

    I just have to say, your gift guides are THE BEST, and I’m loving the 2 2018 gift guides already! have found some very unique items that will make such thoughtful gifts from both guides this year. keep them coming!

    • Meghan says:

      Ahhh hearing this makes me the happiest!! Trying SO hard this year to really have unique gift ideas and not what you’ll see everywhere else! So glad you’re finding them helpful + thanks for letting me know so!

  3. Libby says:

    This is so perfect for both of my BFFs!! Except, I might keep the 12 nights of Wine for myself! ahah!!

    xoxo Libby

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