Hatch Restore Review

June 24, 2021

Hatch Restore

The older I get, the more important sleep is to me. And, on the flip side, the older I get – the harder it feels to get quality sleep. So I am always on the hunt for ways to improve my sleep. We all know by now that sleep helps our immune systems, helps to reduce stress, makes us more productive, improves our mood – the benefits are many.

At the onset of this year as I continued to experience increased pandemic-induced anxiety, I was waking up regularly in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep. I knew I needed to make some changes so I decided to invest in a Hatch Restore. The Hatch Restore is like a sound machine, alarm clock, smart light and white noise machine all in one and I love it.

Hatch Restore Review

Hatch Restore

I was first introduced to Hatch when I saw the brand pitching their baby product on Shark Tank a few years ago. Then when I saw they came out with a product aimed at adults, I saved it to my Amazon Wish List. It wasn’t till all my disruptive sleep during the pandemic that I decided to buy the device.

Having a bedtime routine can be helpful in promoting your sleep quality and the Hatch Restore is designed to help make your space an environment that is conducive for sleeping. Today’s review will hopefully help you decide whether the Hatch Restore is worth it or not for your personal sleep routine.

I used to use a meditation app on my phone that I loved before bed but then it meant I was checking Instagram and email and other apps right before bed as I was easily distracted before I landed on the meditation app. My body was therefore absorbing all sorts of blue light and prolonging falling asleep.

Hatch Restore

While Hatch Restore also has an app – it’s designed to be set up and then only adjusted when you want to adjust your routine. So once you set it up, you don’t need to be accessing the app to use your machine. 

Instead, you’ll access your routine by tapping on the top of the Hatch Restore. You tap through your “stations” in the Routine to land on the one you’d like to use. My Routine includes stations for meditation, for use of a reading light, white noise to play while I sleep and nowadays I even have a station to help me nap.

I found the app super easy to set up and have loved continuing to customize it based on how I’m feeling week to week and how my sleep is changing.

Hatch Restore

Whatever routine you decide on, the options have been designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and ideally wake up having slept through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. 

How To Use The Hatch Restore

Customize Your Sleep Routine

You’ll start with the Hatch Restore app by setting up your sleep routine. You can add in meditations, light preferences, reading lights, alarms, white noise preferences, sleep sounds and more. There’s a variety of Wind Down content that you can choose from based on your preferences.

Set Up the Reading Light

The built in light in the device is highly customizable – there are a variety of colors and brightness levels. You can add an optimized Reading Light to your routine and you’ll also be able to use the light for the alarm. The light is specially designed without any blue light that strains your eyes.

Love to read for 20 minutes before bed? Just add the Reading Light feature in the app and set it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, it’ll either stop or go to your next station which can be a meditation or white noise when you’re ready to sleep.

Set up Your Preferred Alarms

The device features a variety of ways to wake up through the alarm feature. The Sunrise Alarm gently wakes you with a light that gets brighter with every passing minute and that helps promote healthy cortisol levels. You can also add sounds such as chirping birds and you’ll be able to easily set the alarm preferences in the app. Select whether you want it every morning, only on certain mornings and what time each day you’d like the gentle sunrise to begin so you wake up in a soothing manner.

Add a Nap Routine

Sometimes I like to squeeze in a 20-40 minute nap but it can feel hard when you worry about how long it’ll take you to fall asleep. White noise helps put me to sleep so I added a nap routine to my Hatch Restore as a station and I’ll quickly select it before I lay down. A summer storm begins playing and wakes me up after 40 minutes. I fall asleep more quickly, sleep more soundly and find I nap better than ever now.

Set special preferences

I love that the Hatch Restore allowed me to set up my clock to turn off the lit up time display during the night so I’m not left seeing what time it is should I wake up in the middle of the night. This also ensures my room is as dark as possible for optimal sleep!

What I Like About The Hatch Restore

My bedtime routine is improved

The Hatch Restore has made having a bedtime routine so, so much more restorative. Instead of spending loads of time on my phone or looking at a blue light screen for a meditation app or white noise app, I am all ready to go with the tap of a button. I definitely fall asleep faster these days with Hatch Restore.

I love the meditations

Having the white noise and meditations built into my sleep routine have made me able to better wind-down before bed and helps to soothe any anxieties from the day. Hands down the guided meditations are my favorite part of the Hatch Restore.

I even have a meditation in my routine that I tap through to when I wake up in the middle of the night and want to fall back asleep quickly. It features breathing exercises that are proven to help calm the body and mind and help guide you back to sleep.

Waking up is more gentle

Waking up is also such an improvement with the Hatch Restore! It is so much more gentle than traditional alarms thanks to the Sunset Alarm Clock feature. There’s never any feeling of being woken up suddenly or jarred awake from loud, disruptive noises.

How much does the Hatch Restore cost?

The device itself is $129. You can also buy a membership at $20 for added meditations and white noises that are add-ons to the Hatch Restore’s free library of white noise and nature sounds. I have the membership and love the meditations and use them every single night. I highly recommend doing the membership when you set up your app.

I bought my Hatch Restore on Amazon. (Where it has nearly 3,000 positive reviews!)

My Honest Hatch Restore Review

If your sleep feels like it could use some improvement, invest in a Hatch Restore. I absolutely think it is worth buying and have loved having it as a part of my routine. I now miss it when I travel! I’ve been using it for five months and it only gets better as I continue to customize my routine based on what I feel my body and mental health need.

I hope you found this product review helpful! Do you have a Hatch Restore?

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