6 Ways to Find Some Zen This Summer

June 10, 2021

Swiss Dot Nap Dress | 6 Ways to Find Some Zen This Summer

All my girlfriends and I have been talking non stop about re-entry anxiety and reacclimatizing to having more social plans of late. Having more than two things on our social calendars for a weekend suddenly feels overwhelming and draining. And I suspect it’ll feel that way for some time. 

Ways to Find Zen This Summer

We’ve all been put through the ringer and are coming out the other side having changed. We’ve spent a lot of time at home. And we’ve spent a lot of time with the same people. Or with ourselves. And now we’re adjusting to our new normal. 

If you feel similarly – today’s post is for you. I’ve curated some ways to find some zen this summer to put you at peace, find moments of self care and to carve out ways to find calm as summer gets underway.

CBD Routine | 6 Ways to Find Some Zen This Summer

Invest in a CBD routine

CBD is one of my go-to ways to find some zen. It’s part of my daily routine so that I can feel my most balanced, calm self – especially as life’s stressors become more at play with our worlds opening back up. 

I’ve talked about my CBD regimen before and lately I’ve been adding in Equilbria’s newest product for added calm: The Rapid Calming Melts.

Equilibria Rapid Calming Melts | 6 Ways to Find Some Zen This Summer

Equilibria Rapid Calming Melts

These mint-flavored Rapid Calming Melts are perfect in a pinch – you can take them discreetly when you’re on the go, or anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed in an acute moment of stress. They are the fastest acting product Equilibria offers and can go to work in as little as 10 minutes.

These melts are great for travel which can of course come with a host of stressful scenarios. I took one at the airport last month when I was starting to feel stressed about my first flight in a long time and I was able to come down from that anxious place. I felt more calm and ready to handle the day of travel.

Equilibria Subscription Calm Box

You can purchase the Calming Melts on their own or in the Equilibria Subscription Calm Box.

If you subscribe you’ll get the most savings and you can swap in any new products you want to try each month. Plus you can cancel at any time. (The Sleep Box is a popular option for a lot of people, too! CBD has been shown to improve sleep when taken daily).

CBD has the most benefits when you take it regularly & there’s a steady stream of it in your blood. So in addition to using the Melts as needed, I take the Equilibria Daily Softgels (Regular Strength) every single day to remain less anxious overall. They’ve helped me feel less of a sense of panic and dread with the news cycle and when I’m particularly busy- instead of feeling like I’m spinning – I am more relaxed and able to take things one thing at a time – this is major for me and my anxiety disorder. 

But if you’re not ready to try CBD ingestibles yet – I recommend the Equilibria Relief Balm and the bath salts – both are great introductions to CBD that’ll help you wind down and assist with any day to day aches and pains.

Equilibria CBD Review | 6 Ways to Find Some Zen This Summer

Just not sure what product is right for you? Equilibria today is launching a handy online quiz you can take for personal recommendations! They of course will always have dosage specialists available for you to speak with to get guidance on your own personal regimen. But I think the quiz is such a great idea to get personalized care.

If you’ve never tried Equilibria before you can use the code witwhimsy at checkout for 15% off. I’ve loved hearing from those of you who have tried Equilibria CBD about what a difference it’s made – thanks for trusting my recommendations and glad we’re finding relief together! 

Use a diffuser

Calming scents is one of my favorite ways to add some zen to my space as I work throughout the day. I choose an essential oil that will compliment how I am hoping to feel (calm, uplifted, etc.) and then let the scent fill my space. I have this diffuser and it is great.

Ice Roll

A favorite morning ritual for me is to do a bit of ice rolling as I check my inboxes. It’s a multi-tasking practice that depuffs and helps me feel relaxed. And like I’m doing some good for myself out of the gate. Not to mention that on warm summer mornings ice rolling feels amazing! It’s such a good boost to wake you up right away – no caffeine required!

Delete Time Sucking Apps

I no longer have Twitter or Facebook on my phone. And it’s been such a relief to have less time-sucking apps on my phone. So when I have hit my limit for the day on Instagram – instead of going to other social apps, I’ll instead use it as a cue to practice French on Duolingo or pick up a book instead. Breaks from social media are one of the best ways we can protect our mental wellbeing. And this summer as travel picks back up and people head out into the world and the comparison traps begin again at full force – just step away. 

Eat a meal outside

Do you also find yourself spending way too much time at your computer and constantly eating breakfast or lunch in front of a screen? I am challenging myself this summer to get out more with a meal to force myself into the fresh air and to walk more and allow my eyes a break from all the blue light being emitted from my screen. Fresh air and time with mother nature is one of the best proven ways to find a bit of zen and this summer I am determined to take advantage of just that. Who is with me!?

Create a Calm Playlist

One of the things I do when I’m feeling stressed – particularly on public transit or in doctor’s office settings – is to put my Airpods in and zone out to a calming playlist. It instantly brings my anxiety levels down and helps distract me from what’s causing me anxiety and stress. Make sure to download the playlist on your Spotify or wherever you stream music so you can always have it at the ready!

Do you have any tried and true ways you find zen? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Heather says:

    I love the Rapid Calming Melts! I was so excited when they introduced them. And I could not agree more about getting outside. Sometimes I can actually feel the stress melting away after a few deep breaths of fresh air!


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