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January 5, 2017

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I’m going to be sharing my list of goals for 2017 next week but in the meantime I thought I would share with you guys a bit about how I’m using the month of January to reset! I’m particularly tackling alcohol and sugar intakes as a means to ensure I start this year off on a positive, healthy note.

I’ve mentioned already that I’m doing a dry January but thought I would elaborate a bit on why. It’s actually something I’ve never done before but I personally feel like alcohol and sugar are what prevent me from feeling better on a day to day basis and also what prevents me from seeing more results from my workouts. So this month I’m working to limit both to truly allow myself to start this year out on a positive note!

So much of New York social life revolves around “getting a drink” so the whole no booze thing for 31 days will no doubt be a challenge. A few days in and I’ve already found myself having to curb particular plans and also been acutely aware of those glass of wine cravings that sneak up during a cozy night in. This time of year in particular I do more hibernation so not having the occasional glass of vino and not being able to make drinks dates for these few weeks will be tough. I’m reminding myself how much better I slept without said glass of wine though on a regular basis.

On the plus side, no drinking this month also means no lingering headaches in the morning which I’m going to use to my advantage for workouts first thing and also tackling my winter bucket list! And finally, it means staying in more to put my cookbooks to use and cut down on my spending in the eating out category.

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Secondly, this month I’m working to cut out sweets Monday through Friday. I actually did this rather successfully last year for almost two months. It started as a Lenten promise and then developed into a few weeks past the 40 days as I prepared for my trip to Bordeaux and Paris. That time, the first five days felt like what I imagine an addict experiences coming off of drugs. It was so hard! By Saturday I wanted every sweet I could get my hands on. But by the following weekend I was feeling more balanced, more energized and sleeping better and my cravings had largely subsided. Filed under: worth it.

Healthy Eating Tips

This time around after over-indulging in vino and sweets during the holidays, I am going to channel my cravings into increased water consumption (I’ve been using this app to keep me honest), healthier snacking and workouts. I recognize the value in setting realistic goals so I am not attempting to cut out all sugar by any means and I am allowing myself sweets on the weekend. That being said, when I can’t eat sweets Monday through Friday I found an added benefit of the fact that I don’t really buy any treats at the grocery store because I can’t have them around the house waiting to be eaten!

Relatedly, in December I did a bit of a spending freeze by not allowing any non-necessary purchases and it went more easily then I had anticipated. It was a huge wakeup call into how nonchalantly I allow myself to justify my spending (particularly during so many amazing sales) and it made me realize I largely have everything that I need and I certainly have enough stuff. It was a great way to lead-up to a larger wellness reset and has me starting the new year on a more responsible note in managing my finances and my priorities.

Are you guys using the start of the new year to do any sort of reset?

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  1. Jess Zimlich says:

    I’m doing dry January, too! I’ve never done it before, but let’s just say….it was beyond needed. Knowing someone else is doing it will make it so much easier 🙂

  2. kiley says:

    Doing dry January as well! So when I’m in town for market in a few weeks…juice or tea date??? 🙂


  3. Kate Scott says:

    So impressed you’re cutting alcohol AND sugar! I’ve definitely been replacing my alcohol with sugar (had 5 milkbar cake truffles yesterday!) so that’s probably not helping start the new year off all that right…HA

    • Meghan says:

      GIRL. I could never CUT sugar – I’m addicted – ha. Henceforth trying to limit it by eliminating sweets M-F. Much more manageable 🙂 Also SO jealous of those truffles – I DREAM of the birthday cake ones!!

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