What I’m Trying to Do Better This Year

January 15, 2019

Houndstooth Coat I What Im Trying to Do Better This Year

With the fresh start granted to us by the new year, I’ve been working to improve certain (bad) habits of mine that have crept up. I’ve already got my goals outlined so these things are more supplementary to course correct some behaviors of mine that I think can be improved. Sharing what I’m trying to do better this year.

Staud Macrame Bag

What Im Trying to Do Better This Year

Mini Moreau Bag

What Im Trying to Do Better This Year

Staud Macrame Bag in winter

Houndstooth Coat winter outfit I wit & whimsy

What I’m Trying to Do Better This Year

Reply to texts in a timely fashion.

No idea when I got so bad at this but I have been known to look at a text, promptly forget I even read it. And then fail to reply for days. I’d like to kick this bad behavior to the curb and get back to texting like a regular human.

Floss regularly.

Oh man have I fallen off the wagon big time here. I just bought the much-hyped about CocoFloss in hopes that it’ll help with these efforts.

A morning skincare routine. 

First and foremost: Wear sunscreen every.single.day. So far so good but this is my #1 priority this year. I am also trying to be as consistent with a morning skincare routine as I am an evening one.

Put things away after I use them.

I was so good about this after I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up two years ago but moving into a studio apartment has caused me to really hone a knack for tidy piles. (Aka: too many piles in too many places). Since starting out the new year, I’ve been really working on keeping my apartment more tidy. And putting things away right after I’m done using them and it has felt so good. (This also cuts down significantly on time spend wondering “where did I put that…XYZ”).

Actually use my desk.

Since moving into my new place in June my desk has been more of a dumping ground of things I need to tend to vs. a workspace. Which leaves me working from my couch on the days I work from home and I’m far less efficient when I do so (or so I am convinced.) I finally tidied my desk the other weekend and am back to having it be of use to me.

Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

I’m actually pretty good at this but wanted to note it here as I think it’s so important for us all to be doing our part – large or small  – to cut down on plastic and paper. (Pro tip: If you ever order from Sezane they almost always include the most epic large + durable totes in your order. I bring two of them to the grocery store whenever I go.)

Track my water intake.

Pretty sure I’ve been dehydrated since the holiday season started. And I got too busy and so overwhelmed and started drinking more cocktails than H20. I’m working on getting back to using my giant water bottle and my water app to track my daily intake.


This will probably be on my list of things to do more often always but as I embark back on my BBG workouts this year, it’s important I take time to do this. (Full BBG 1.0 review coming tomorrow!)

Take time off when I need it.

When you work for yourself you often over work because no one is telling you days the office is closed or that you have a certain number of vacation days to use or lose. Since embarking on self employment I’ve traveled plenty but I often don’t set aside days to rest or recuperate or give myself a day to not check email and just BE. When I’m feeling burnt out I want to recognize it and be good to myself and give myself the time I need.


This was on my list of 2019 priorities and I’m already improving and it feels nice to be back. My biggest thing about getting better at meditating is to not neglect it when life gets a bit crazy. It’s when it is the most beneficial to me.

Going to church.

I’m great at going to church during Lent but outside of that time period it often falls by the wayside. A lot of this is because since moving to Brooklyn I haven’t found a church I love but I just took the time to seek out a new one and I’m hoping it’ll be a good fit and that I’ll make going each weekend a priority this year.

Reading work emails after hours. 

Oh, man is this a big one for me. I hate having unread emails. I usually look at them and then star them in Gmail if I don’t plan to reply right away. But sometimes the email entails something that causes me to be anxious or have my mind race and then I spend my evening thinking about it vs. winding down and falling asleep well. I have GOT to stop this behavior. I tried this past weekend to not look at work emails and it damn near killed me but it is a first step in getting used to changing the way I manage my inboxes.

Go to bed earlier. And more regularly.

I stay up till past 11 often and for usually no good reason.  I’d like to be wound down and in bed by 10pm more regularly and ideally have my eyes shut by 10:30. Wish me luck!

Continue the spirit of my Kindness Campaign.

Last month’s kindness campaign brought me so much joy and fulfillment. I want to continue the spirit of it through 2019 with actions big and small. So far I’ve volunteered at a food bank, sent $10 to a friend having a bad week and bought a gift card for a friend who has shown me a lot of support. Each took hardly any major effort and left me feeling rewarded. I hope you all will continue all your amazing actions as well and always, always feel free to share them with me.

Finishing beauty products.

I’ve reached max capacity with the amount of products I can hold in my apartment so the past few months I’ve prioritized finishing products. And, if I don’t love something , I’m going to give it to a friend or toss it. No use hanging onto things I won’t use. I have to say that working on finishing products has felt SO satisfying. (And let to posts like this.)

. . .

Do you guys have things you’re working on this year?

Mango Coat (on sale & wearing a S instead of my usual M – they have so many good coats!) // J.McLaughlin Sweater (love this sweater! Last seen here) // J Brand Jeans (favorites of mine) //  Staud Bag (love the all black one and the black + white one, too) // Dolce Vita Boots (similar here, here) // Eric Javits Hat (c/o)

p.s. another outfit featuring a plaid coat and my 2019 goals.

[Carter Fish Photography]

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  1. Libby says:

    I love this list, and it gave me some ideas on what I can work on this year. The main thing I want to work on is trying to find a better balance between my graduate school life, and normal life. I find myself get burned out after a week of intense studying, so I need some more things to break up the studying!

    Thanks for sharing your list!!

    xoxo Libby

  2. I loved reading this list, and it inspired me to set some smaller goals too. I’m trying to cut out all single-use plastic (saying no to plastic straws, takeaway coffee cups, bottles of water and plastic bags wherever humanly possible), reduce my landfill (taking all my old textiles to H&M where they’re recycled, and all my old beauty empties to L’Occitane where they recycle beauty packaging from any brand), setting proper sleep patterns (I also have a bad habit of going to bed way too late and at different times every day) and consistently going to the gym at least 3x a week. But you’ve inspired me to practice acts of kindness more often – your kindness campaign was one the loveliest things so I love that you’re keeping that spirit going (you’re such a good egg!)

    Briony xx

    • Meghan says:

      These are such good goals!! I also had no idea about L’Occitaine but love that idea as I’m never sure what things I can recycle! And yes, you do go to bed too late lol Hopefully we can both improve on that front! xx

  3. Tracy says:

    What a great comprehensive list. Getting to bed earlier and taking a vitamin daily are my two big ones!

    Love the kindness campaign!

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