How I Spring Clean

March 22, 2021

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I personally love the changing of the seasons. It makes me feel hopeful and gets me excited to make plans. This time of year in particular, I love spring cleaning to get my home in a better place to welcome the new season and in anticipation of summer. Since I’ve been spending more time at home these past few weeks, I’ve done quite a bit of clearing out and tidying up and thought I’d share my approach to this seasonal ritual along with my favorite cleaning tips and tricks.

How I Spring Clean

The below also features a lot of my favorite cleaning products and cleaning supplies. Consider the below a handy Spring Cleaning Checklist for the season!

In my closet:

  • I try things on that I’m unsure of. If an item hasn’t seen wear recently, I try it on to see whether I think it is worth keeping.
  • If I’m on the fence about something I will wear it once last time and see how it makes me feel. (Generally if I haven’t worn something in a year to two years, it sees its way out of my closet!)
  • For items I am clearing out, I either sell them or donate them to Housing Works or Goodwill.
  • I work on storing seasonal items.
  • I take well-worn items to get dry cleaned.
  • I take shoes I know I’ll be wearing often in the coming months into my favorite cobbler to get them prepared for a lot of use again.
  • I wrinkle released every item that came out of storage or needed a refresh so it will be ready to wear.
  • I cleaned my earrings in a little bit of dish soap and hot water and used a toothbrush to polish any that feature stones.

In my house:

  • I’ve cleared out cabinets and am giving away items I no longer have a use for or don’t plan to use anytime soon.
  • I’ve fully dusted and wiped down every.single.surface. I use these handy dusters. If you have hard to reach spaces, I recommend an extendable duster. (These are great on ceiling fans in particular!)
  • I organized catch-all drawers and cabinets. I’m tossing things that are expired or not used regularly.
  • I changed my linens, sprayed everything with Downy Wrinkle Releaser and swapped out my duvet cover for a fresh one.
  • I cleaned out my fridge and disinfected my trash bin with this cleaning solution.
  • I use these amazing stainless steel wipes on my appliances to get rid of any smudges and finger marks. They work like a dream!
  • I lint roll the top of my headboard, my couch, my duvet cover and all my other fabric surfaces to get rid of dust mites.
  • I deep cleaned my bathroom.
  • I cleared out my over-flowing beauty stash and got rid of a lot of makeup.
  • I wipe down all my mirrors with a microfiber cloth.
  • I used this Laundress Home Spray to make every space feel fresh.
  • I washed my shower curtain in the washing machine.
  • I burned some Paolo Santo to get rid of any bad energy, welcome good vibes and because, hey, it smells SO GOOD.

In my tech:

  • As mentioned here, I recently did an Instagram purge. I stopped following anyone I wasn’t getting value from. I also muted stories from people I wasn’t enjoying but rather instead just wasting time watching.
  • I have started removing apps I don’t use and am also cleaning out my contacts on my iPhone.
  • I’ve started to try and clean out my overwhelming digital photo collection. I’m using my commute and other downtime to try and cut down all the photos and videos I have on my phone!
  • I cleared out files on my computer to make more space on my hard drive, uploaded important files to my Dropbox and tidied up my laptop’s desktop!
  • I wipe down my tech surfaces with a microfiber cloth to rid them of smudges.

How do you guys tackle spring cleaning? Any favorite rituals? I’d love to hear them!

p.s. my takeaways from Marie Kondo’s book and all my Home favorites.

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  1. Yes to all of this! I have been on a major purging / organising kick since January (and put myself on a very strict shopping ‘diet’ to stop accumulating so much stuff I didn’t really need) and it has been so satisfying. The only thing I have trouble throwing out are still good but half-used beauty products (I give away anything I know I won’t like from the outset, but then once I’m invested in a product I have to see it through to the end which can be annoying when I have so many other things to try), so I’ve been trying to finish as many things as I can before introducing anything new in that same category (I.e. no new cleansers until I finish what I’m currently using).

    Briony xx

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