Your Definitive Guide to Hygge

January 24, 2017

How to Hygge I wit & whimsy

Have you guys heard of hygge? (Pronounced ‘hooga’) I have kept seeing it everywhere ever since Pinterest declared it a 2017 trend (you can go down a serious rabbit hole) and I have to say I am super on board with it. Hygge basically translates to a state of cozy and given my January attempt to reset, you know I’m all about that hygge life.

If you want to read more about it, see The New Yorker’s take on it here and read on below for all the hygge essentials to achieve the blissful state of cozy for the remainder of winter.

  • Cuyana Classic Alpaca Cape: This is such a gorgeous cape. I live for it during airplane travel but also it’s a great topper when you’re cold at home.
  • The Little Book of Hygge: A handy guide to all things hygge.
  • Get Relaxed Tea: Republic of Teas are my favorite and I drink them almost nightly. This one is the perfect accompaniment to wind down on nights you’re laying off any alcohol.
  • Everlane Cashmere Sweatpant: The ultimate luxury when it comes to sweats, these cashmere pants will instantly make you as cozy as you are chic.
  • Faux Fur Throw: I have one of these that I love to throw on while watching movies during the winter. You know I’d be curled up under it in front of a fireplace if I was lucky enough to have one but it is also a great additional layer on your bed when
  • Sheepskin Rug: I own the small version of this rug and LOVE it. It’s so cozy to step on first thing in the morning and hey, makes a great background for Instagrams every now and then 😉
  • Golden Monogram Mug: Whether it is tea, hot chocolate or wine, cozy and comforting beverages are part of the hygge experience. Sip from this personalized mug.
  • Tranquility Candle: Candles are so important to hygge that a friend recently told me the Danish equivalent to “party pooper” basically translates to “he who blows out the candle.” HA! This particular candle is amazing because of its scent which includes soothing Lavender, sweet Basil and Jasmine and after 30 minutes of burn time you can actually use the delicate oil that forms to smooth it over your body! How amazing is that?! Sounds so luxe.
  • Camp Socks: If you’re not a slippers kinda person get yourself some cozy camp socks that you’ll
  • Slippers: Due to working from home, I invested in a nice pair of slippers this month to wear during days I’m not running around town. I love this pair. So cozy!
  • The Laundress: Want your favorite cozy clothes to feel and smell good? This is my all-time favorite detergent. (Remember when I interviewed the co-founders? So many good tips!) And while it may seem pricy, a capful is all you need for each load. My roommates and I are all obsessed!
  • Wine: No explanation needed ;). (And have any of you tried THIS!?)

Now that you’ve read all that…how fun would it be to throw a hygge party with your girlfriends to get through the rest of winter!? Who is with me?

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p.s. my favorite little luxuries and my experience with meditation.

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